Saturday, March 29, 2014

Face to Face with Magritte Again Paintings of Interiors by k Madison Moore

Face to Face with Magritte Again

18 x 24 Oil Painting of Interior on Canvas


I am blessed that my paintings sell very quickly.
However, many collectors are interested in the same
paintings so I offer to re-paint similar to sold paintings
for them. I like to make changes so that each one is an
original for the collector.

This one is larger 18 x 24 than the first 14 x 18 to
work in a specific area for this collector. As you can see
we added Magritte's Eye for the carpet, changed the
colors to blues, more brilliant colors for the bricks,
 made some changes to our lady, added the dove
 in the mirror, lightened up the frames and several
other small changes. However, the original concept
still remains.

If you see paintings of my work that you like that
have already been sold, contact me with your 
specifications and I will design just for you.
You can also add elements that you would like to

Face to Face with Magritte Again

On their way to Texas
Thanks so much for the commissions
Michelle and Jason

Face to Face with Magritte
14 x 18

Seeking to make “everyday objects shriek aloud,” or make the familiar unfamiliar, Belgian artist Ren√© Magritte created some of the 20th century’s most extraordinary—and indelible—images.
Throughout these seminal years, Magritte used displacement, transformation, metamorphosis, and the “misnaming” of objects as well as the representation of visions seen in half-waking states, consistently unsettling the balance between nature and artifice, truth and fiction, reality and surreality. His images, then and still today, force us to question the nature of appearances—both in the paintings and in reality itself.

For Inquiries Email Me HERE
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