Saturday, December 31, 2011

Painting Inspired by Vincent van Gogh, Fragrances of van Gogh by k Madison Moore

Fragrances of van Gogh
Inspired by Vincent van Gogh

11 x 14  Oil painting on Canvas

Art within Art Series

I was so surprised to find van Gogh paintings of nudes.
I never knew he painted them. Always something new!
I just loved this one which was taken after his
I have painted Vincent's Sunflowers so many times
that I thought it would be nice to try his Irises and they
fit so beautifully in this composition with his nude.
I think the yellow also works so well as it was one
of Vincents favorite colors.

Here is another great website about everything
van Gogh. I really enjoyed all the info Here.
It also includes the
Vincent van Gogh Painting Project Art Techniques

Don't forget...Original Paintings make
a very special gift for that very special person.
Ask me about my layaway program.

Irises by Vincent van Gogh

Irises is a painting by Vincent van Gogh. Irises was painted while Vincent van Gogh was living at the asylum at Saint Paul-de-Mausole in Saint-Remy-de Provence, France, in the last year before his death in 1890.

It was painted before his first attack at the asylum. There is a lack of the high tension which is seen in his later works. He called the painting "the lightning conductor for my illness", because he felt that he could keep himself from going insane by continuing to paint.

The painting was influenced by Japanese  ukiyo-e woodblock prints, like many of his works and those by other artists of the time. The similarities occur with strong outlines, unusual angles, including close-up views and also flattish local colour (not modelled according to the fall of light).
He considered this painting a study, which is probably why there are no known drawings for it, although Theo, Van Gogh's brother, thought better of it and quickly submitted it to the annual exhibition of the Societe des Artistes Independents  in September 1889, together with Starry Night Over the Rhone. He wrote to Vincent of the exhibition: "[It] strikes the eye from afar. The Irises are a beautiful study full of air and life."

van Gogh Fakes

That is a question that frequently crops up with Van Gogh paintings. Vincent Van Gogh's work has probably been copied and forged more than that of any other painter of the modern era. Even the origin of some works attributed to Van Gogh hanging in museums is extremely doubtful.

New Van Gogh works surface almost daily. With some, it is immediately clear that they are not originals. But there are also numerous convincing forgeries. There is no authoritative directory of Van Gogh's work, and in some cases even experts find it hard to be sure. Van Gogh paintings regularly fetch top prices at auction, so many people dream of making the ultimate discovery at a local flea
market or during an attic clear out.
Read more Here

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reading with Fernand Ledger by k Madison Moore

Reading with Fernand
Inspired by Fernand Ledger

14" x 14" Oil Painting on Canvas

Art with Art Series

To see more paintings in this series


Oh Boy, this took sooo long to do. Everything was fine
lines. I am glad I don't do this all the time. lol!
Even though it took so long to paint I really did enjoy
using all the brilliant reds and colors with the black and
white. They are just so striking together with all the
patterns and stripes. Love the way it turned out.

I wasn't crazy about the original expressions that Ledger
used in his paintings. They all looked so sad and some
had no faces. So I changed all of the faces and many of
the elements for my composition. This is a combination
of elements from four of his paintings with people reading.
Enjoy, "Reading with Fernand"

Joseph Fernand Henri Léger (February 4, 1881 – August 17, 1955) was a French painter, sculptor, and film maker . In his early works he created a personal form of Cubism which he gradually modified into a more figurative, populist style. His boldly simplified treatment of modern subject matter has caused him to be regarded as a forerunner of Pop Art.
Léger was born in Argentan, Orne, Basse- Normandie, where his father raised cattle. Fernand Léger initially trained as an architect from 1897–1899 before moving in 1900 to Paris, where he supported himself as an architectural draftsman.

Léger wrote in 1945 that "the object in modern painting must become the main character and overthrow the subject. If, in turn, the human form becomes an object, it can considerably liberate possibilities for the modern artist." As he explained in a 1949 essay, by allowing the object to replace the subject, "we were able to consider the human figure as a plastic value, not as a sentimental value. That is why the human figure has remained willfully inexpressive throughout the evolution of my work". As the first painter to take as his idiom the imagery of the machine age, and to make the objects of consumer society the subjects of his paintings, Léger has been called a progenitor of Pop Art.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Blast From The Past, Inspired by "Mark Rothko and Eames Designs" by k Madison Moore Pennsylvania Artist

"A Blast from The Past"

Inspired by Mark Rothko and Eames Designs

11 x 14 Oil painting on canvas 


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for Information

Art within Art Series
Visit My Portfolio to see more in this series.
So much fun doing the research for this painting.  When Dominic and I were in the
restoration business we restored several of Eames furniture pieces, especially
these well known Eames black molded plastic chairs. I always wondered what the big attraction
was until I sat in one and melted. They are so comfortable and were so far ahead of their time being Post war Modernism.

I felt the Mark Rothko paintings were a perfect match to use in a composition with Eames as they were from the same Era 1903 - the 70's and the two arts complimented each other so well. The table is also Eames and the Carpt was designed after Rothko.

Well, while I was at it, I dug into the past ( ok giving my age away here) to see what else I could come up with when I hit pay dirt with the Juke Box. I am sure may of you remember those. How fun! Add a couple of Ice Cream Sodas, a penny Bubble Gum Machine, a copy of Look and Bazaar Magazines, a big chrome lamp and couple pairs of those wild and crazy Saddle Shoes and and great Channel Handbag and you have " A Blast From The Past" Enjoy

Mark Rothko, born Marcus Rothkowitz (September 25, 1903 – February 25, 1970), was a Russian-born American painter. He is classified as an abstract Impressionist, although he himself rejected this label, and even resisted classification as an "abstract painter".

Painting consumed Rothko's life, and although he did not receive the attention he felt his work deserved in his own lifetime, his fame has increased dramatically in the years following his death. At odds with the more formally rigorous artists among the Abstract Expressionists, Rothko nevertheless explored the compositional potential of color and form on the human psyche. To stand in front of a Rothko is to be in the presence of the pulsing vibrancy of his enormous canvases; it is to feel, if only momentarily, something of the sublime spirituality he relentlessly sought to evoke. Rigidly uncompromising, Rothko refused to bend to the more distasteful aspects of the art world, a position upheld by his children who did nothing less than alter the entire state of the art market in their fierce protection of his life and work.

Read More Here

Charles & Ray Eames
Eames, Charles & Ray – (Architecture, Furniture, Designer) (1907-1978) Important and influential designers of the Post-war Modern Era. They used technology with an artist's flair. The United States Army commissioned Charles to produce plywood stretchers and splints during the war. He was the first person to produce compound curves with molded plywood and fiberglass. This led to his design of the LCM chair in 1945, it had a molded plywood seat and back with compound curves on metal legs. In 1956, Charles and his wife Ray designed the famous Lounge chair 670 and Ottoman 671 to replace the overstuffed wingchair. It was made of laminated Rosewood with leather padding, and the same bend was used for all the pieces. Eames 670 chair and Van Der Rohe's Barcelona chair are considered the two greatest furniture designs of the 20th Century. Eames the first architect and designer to be completely at home with technology, he mastered the machine so that it was no longer threatening.

The first jukeboxes were simply wooden boxes with coin slots and a few buttons. Over time they became more and more decorated, using color lights, rotating lights, chrome, bubble tubes, ceiling lamps, and other visual effects. Many consider the 1940s to be the "golden age" of jukebox styling with the gothic-like curvaceous "electric rainbow cathedral" look. World War II and the Great Depression were over, so the new designs and sales choices reflected the festive mood. The first model manufactured after WWII was the Model A, produced by AMI. Affectionately referred to as the "Mother of Plastic", it featured large areas of opalescent plastics and colored gemstones.

Painting Inspired by Joan Miro, Miro's Game by k Madison Moore

Miro's Game


(click image for detailed view)

11 x 14 Oil Painting on Canvas


Art within Art Series
Love, love, love Joan Miro. I guess because using primary colors in one of my favorite things. I also love his playful attitude with his work. He was known for being childish with his paintings. I look at his work as just really fun! That said, I decided to do a fun room that I would think Miro would get a kick out of. Here it looks as if the party is over. Must have been a great gambling game going on here. Look at all those cards stacked up, poker chips, money on the floor, wine bottle and wine spilled and some forgot their baseball cap on the sofa. Who do those sneakers belong to? Is someone walking barefoot? Just a lot of fun to paint with all these brilliant colors.

To see more in this series

My Portfolio

Joan Miró i Ferrà (Catalan pronunciation(April 20, 1893 – December 25, 1983) was a  Spanish      Catalan,  Sculptor, and ceramicist born in Barcelona.

In the beginnings of his career he dabbled in different painting styles that were fashionable at the turn of the century like Fauvism and Cubism.

Joan Miro is known for his playful art. His emblematic images make a naive, childlike impression at first sight. In contrast to the image of his art, he was a solid, hard-working man who preferred to come to gallery exhibitions in dark business suits.

In numerous interviews dating from the 1930s onwards, Miró expressed contempt for conventional painting methods as a way of supporting bourgeois society, and famously declared an "assassination of painting" in favour of upsetting the visual elements of established painting.

In 1920 Miro made the first of a series of trips to Paris. In 1921 he settled permanently in the French capital. He met  Pablo Picasso  and many of the other great painters and artists living in Paris - the center of arts in the late nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century.

In 1956 Miro could finally move into the villa of his dreams. Located in Palma de Majorca and built by the architect Josep Lluis Sert. The new home was built in an ultra-modern style typical for the avant-garde architecture of the fifties. In 1992 it was transformed into the Miro Museum open for the public.

More about Miro

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fringe Benefits, Shoe Painting by k Madison Moore

Fringe Benefits
Shoe - Be - Doo Series

12 x 22 Inches
Shoes Oil Painting on Canvas
I don't know about you, but I have "tons" of shoes!
This would be a great painting to hang next to your shoe closet.

Still Life
Shoe-Be-Doo Series


Saturday, December 24, 2011

These Stripes Were Made for Walking, Shoe painting by k Madison Moore

" These Stripes were Made for Walking!"

12 x 20 inches
Oil on Canvas


Shoe- Be- Doo Series

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tiffany in My Company, by k Madison Moore PA

Tiffany in My Company

Inspired by Tiffany and Company

12 x 12 Oil Painting on Canvas'

Art within Art Series

Who doesn't love anything by Tiffany.
The colors, the designs, the jewelry, all of it!
This is one of those paintings that is so hard to 
appreciate with a photo on the internet as it is hard to
see all of the tiny, tiny details like the bird in the stained
glass of the lamp. One of may favorite elements in this
painting is the reflection of the stained glass Tiffany
window in the ornate gold frame. What better than
white furniture to add to a Tiffany Room!

Tiffany and Company

Founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and  Teddy Young in New York City in 1837 as a "stationery and fancy goods emporium," the store initially sold a wide variety of stationery items, and operated as Tiffany, Young and Ellis in lower Manhatten.

The name was shortened to Tiffany & Co. in 1853 when Charles Tiffany took control, and the firm's emphasis on jewelry was established. Tiffany & Co. has since opened stores in major cities all over the world.

The company revised the Great Seal of the United States in 1885. In 1919, the company made a revision to the Medal of Honor on behalf of the  United States Department of the Navy. This "Tiffany Cross" version was rare because it was awarded only for combat, using the previous design for non-combat awards. In 1942 the Navy established the Tiffany version for non-combat heroism, but it proved unpopular, perhaps due to its resemblance to the German Iron Cross.

On January 28, 2008, it was announced that the Japanese mobile phone operator SoftBank and Tiffany & Co. had collaborated in making a limited 10 model-only cellphone. This cellphone contains more than 400 diamonds, totaling more than 20 carats (4.0 g). The cost is said to be more than 100,000,000 yen (£ 781,824).

Read More Here

Friday, December 16, 2011

"Picasso" A Consuming Passion, Art within Art Painting, by k Madison Moore

Picasso - A Consuming Passion
©kMadisonMoore MkM

11 x 14 inches Oil on Canvas

Art within Art Series 


A Consuming Passion _ Picasso
11 x 14

This commission was inspired by this original.
However, the above first photo, is 14 x 18 and has
many changes such as the flooring, throw pillows
and the paintings one the wall but yet is still within 
the same theme to make each one an original for the

If you see a painting with a theme that you like
I can repaint it in any size you wish and add the 
elements that you would like to have or I can design
one just for you. Just email me with your ideas.

Well...finally getting back to work after a very long two months of fighting
the flu off and on and dental surgeries. I am so behind in all of my work
and my collectors are so patient waiting for their commissions.  Thank you.

Meanwhile before I got sick I had a few paintings almost done so decided
to  complete them to get me back in the swing. I had so much fun
 with this one.

I wanted to make every single object in this painting detailed and unusual
in some way and to use as many colors as possible. I think I managed 
to get it all in but boy...did it take a lone time!!

The funny little reading lady is a character from one of Picasso's
paintings, can't think of the title at the moment. The flooring is a clip
from another and of course the wall paintings are my take on Picasso.
Oh, and the candlestick on the cabinet and the vase on the t
able are from Piacaso's.

 I am finding more and more that I change so many things
in the Masters that I use for reference. I think it's fun to combine my
ideas and changes with their work and to build my own concepts.
I love working with Picasso and will be doing many more along the way
 "Picasso - A Consuming Passion"  Enjoy!

The Cats Eye by k Madison Moore, Animal Portrait

The Cats Eyes

11 x 14 Oil Painting on Canvas

Animal Portrait

Sold - Commission

I did a similar small painting to this
one a few years ago. One of my collectors
saw it and wanted a larger version but with
the eye green instead of the original yellow.
Russian Blue Cats are the greatest. I have one
that is 14 years old and what a baby!

If you would like to have your pet painted
Email Me with your ideas.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Antique Shop - Memories, da Vinci, Renoir, by k Madison Moore

The Antique Shop - Memories

(click for details)

16 x 20 Oil painting on canvas


Art within Art Series
Please contact me for more information and availability

Oh boy! all I can say. Can you imagine how long it
took to paint this? I have been working on it off and on
for weeks. I must have covered the entire canvas 6 -8 times
working all of the details and layers of glazes. I so wish that
photos on the net would do this justice but they don't.
Click on the photos and you will see a larger view.

There are 35 or maybe it's 36 elements in this painting.
I lost count. These are some of my favorite antiques. When
we were in the art and antique restoration business, we restored
many of these antiques. I used many of the photos I had from
the antiques we restored as reference for this piece.  It
is not likelhy that you would find a Renoir or a da Vinci in
an antique shop but you may find a print. I just thought
they looked great wih all the other elements and are two
of my favorites from those artists. My favorite element is
the little yellow bottle on the front table. It is my personal
bottle from my collection. The label reads " Dreams" and
I always leave the top off.

I love antique shops and when I visit them I always
wonder where these treasures traveled from. If they
could only talk! Enjoy!

(click images for details)

Leonardo da Vinci (b. 1452, Vinci, Republic of Florence
 [d. May 2, 1519, Cloux, Fr.), Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor,
architect, and engineer whose genius, perhaps more than that of any
 other figure, epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal. His
Last Supper (1495-97) and Mona Lisa (1503-06) are among
the most widely popular and influential paintings of the
Renaissance. His notebooks reveal a spirit of scientific inquiry
 and a mechanical inventiveness that were centuries ahead of his time.

Leonardo was and is renowned[ primarily as a painter. Among his
works, the Mona Lisa is the most famous and most parodied portrait
 and  The Last Supper the most reproduced religious painting of all time,
with their fame approached only by Michelangelo's Creation of Adam. 

Pierre-Auguste Renoir is a famous French impressionist painter,
Renoir was born in Limoges, Haute-Vienne, France, on February 25,
 1841 as a child of a working class family. Renoir’s first encounter with
 painting dates from his childhood he worked in a porcelain factory
where his drawing talent led to him painting designs on China.
Renoir's paintings are probably the most popular, well-known,
and frequently reproduced images in the history of art.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lovers on A Paris Evening, van Gogh Inspired Painting by k Madison Moore

Lovers on A Paris Evening

SOLD - Commission

11 x 14 Oil Painting on Canvas
Art with Art Series

What a lovey, fun commission to
paint. My collector was in Paris
and she fell in love with the Eiffel Tower
and the Parisian Lamp posts.
Starry Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh
is her favorite painting by him. She
wanted to incorporate all of her favorite
things in this painting.
She is great to work with and I love her 
visions. She told me what she wanted
then gave me artistic freedom to create
this beautiful painting for her. I am so
happy that she loves it.
If you have a vision for a painting
please contact me with your ideas.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maxed Out! by k Madison Moore Mount Pocono Pennsylvania Artist

Maxed Out!

14 x 14 Oil Painting on Canvas

Art within Art Series


Another fun take on Peter Max. When I saw Maxes  painting of the couple on the sofa I just envisioned a whole day of hard playing with Peter Max. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to visit his studio? Now this couple is all pooped out from being out and about in the neighborhood ( Max painting out the window), maybe playing a long game of basketball and listening to music. Now their resting on the beautiful red painted sofa that Max painted for them enjoying a bottle of wine while the
wall ladies look on,  Can you see them?

I rarely use pink on my palette but it just seemed to fit for this composition and I love to see it with red.

Peter Max (born Peter Max Finkelstein, October 19, 1937) is a  German-born Jewish American artist best known for his iconic art style in the 1960's.

His life’s adventure began in Germany, then from the age of one, can be mapped across China, Tibet, Israel and France, before he reached his ultimate destination, America. With a pan-cultural background such as this for a budding artist, it was inevitable that his work would become so rich and minifold.

One of the most famous living artist's, Peter Max is also a pop culture icon. His bold colors, uplifting images and uncommon artistic diversity have touched almost every phase of American culture and has inspired many generations.

Peter Max has painted for 6 U.S. Presidents. His art is on display in Presidential Libraries and U.S. Embassies.   Max has painted Lady Liberty annually since America's Bicentennial. A collage of his Liberties adorned 145 million Verizon phone books.

Max has been named an official artist of the 2006 U.S. Olympic Team at the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. He has also been Official Artist of 5 Super Bowls, World Cup USA, The World Series, The U.S. Open, The Indy 500, The NYC Marathon and The Kentucky Derby.

His art has flown the skies on a Continental Airlines 777 Super Jet. His installations include a 600-ft stage for the Woodstock Music Festival, a giant mural for the Winter Olympics and 10-ft guitars for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Without Movement, Still Life Coffee Table Boook, by k Madison Moore

Without Movement
Still Life Coffee Table Book

Original Paintings
Fill Color

Still Life Food Series

Click Here to Preview or to Purchase

Manifestations of The Woman's Body and Soul by k Madison Moore

Manifestations of The Woman's Body and Soul

Coffee Table Art Book
Original Paintings
Contemporary Fine Art Nudes

Drama Works Series

Click Here to Preview or Purchase

Painting with The Masters, Art Museum Collections Series, by k Madison Moore

Painting with The Masters
Coffe Table Art Books
Original Paintings

Full Color Photos
Click Here to Preview or Purchase

Connoisseur Wine Masters Series Coffee Table Art Book, by k Madison Moore

Segment Two Connois...
By k. Madison Moore ...

This is my New Coffee Table Art Book
Painting with The Masters - Segment Two
Connoisseur Wine Masters

I just love doing these books for my Collectors.
 I try to do at least one a year around the holidays.
They make such wonderful gifts for those that you
do not know what to buy for. All the paintings
are full color and Blurb does great quality.

The image is printed right on the beautiful hard cover.
You also have the option for a softback or a paper
image wrap cover and different qualities of paper.
In the past you could not Preview the entire book,
only the first few pages. This year they made that
change where you can see the entire book, which 
really is much nicer. I like to see what I am buying!

Click Preview on the small image to see the book.
You can also purchase it there if you like it.

This year is The Connoisseur Wine Masters Series
I know I have many collectors that collected this series
so they will be happy to have this beautiful book for their
coffee tables.


If you have questions please feel free to

Fine Art Greeting Cards by k Madison Moore

Fine Art Greeting Cards 
from My Original Paintings

Email Me For Details

Art Greeting Cards from My
Original Paintings

5 x 7 on Archival Quality Paper
and Inks

Includes Envelopes

$6.00 per card
2 for $10.00
Free USA Shipping
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PuzzArt - Puzzel Art by k Madison Moore


Last month I introduced a puzzle that I designed from five of my original oil paintings.
I was not happy with the service so I changed companies. Now I'm happy I did as this new 
company gives us a much larger puzzle and it comes in a nice can with a photo of the puzzle on the front. The last one was 250 pieces and 12 x 16 in a box.  The New PuzzArt Puzzle is 18 x 24 inches and 551 pieces.
If you are interested in a Fine Art Puzzle for a gift for the holidays, please Email Me. I will have it directly shipped to you. You will also receive and enclosure with and 8 x 10 photo and instructions on how to glue your puzzle once completed to make it into a framable piece of art.
A Nice Fun Holiday Project!

Painting with The Masters 2012 Art Calendar by k Madison Moore

My New 2012 Art Calendar includes
13 Beautiful Prints on High Quality
Print Stock

Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series

2012 Art Calendar

Friday, December 9, 2011

Giclee Art Gift Cards on Canvas by k Madison Moore

I am reposting this becasue I totally blew it in the last post.
  I had two of the same painting , then two
with the same title. UGH! Tired people make mistakes..
Thats all I can say! 
Thanks to all of you who have supported this project
with your purchases.
Happy Holidays
Giclee Art Gift Cards on Canvas

My Art Gift Cards Package is a Great Original Gift
for your Boss, Secretary, Doctor or anyone special
that you need a small gift for.

This is what is included in your package.

Each Gift Card includes a removable print
on canvas from the card front. On the inside
card there is a short Bio on The Master that
the painting was created after from my
Painting with The Masters Art within Art Series
and is also laminated.
All prints are from my original paintings from 2011.

The Mini Prints can be framed and matted to make
a larger print and the Masters Insert Card may be
mounted on the back for reference.

You will also receive two free laminated book
markers with miniature photos from the
Art within Art Series.

Each print is approx. 3.5 " x 5.5"
and signed by the artist. The middle photo above
displays how you will receive your Art Gift
Card Package enclosed in a neat cello envelope.
You will also receive a six page brochure
about your Art Card. This includes all info
about your Art Card, Giclee Prints, Your Print,
About The Artist and more...
A Nice, Neat, Fun, Original Gift for someone special.

Your choice of these 9 Art Gift Cards

Your choice of these 9 Art Gift Cards
1 Card - 15.00 + 2.00 USA Shipping
3- Cards 15.00 (each) +  Free USA Shipping
6 Cards or more - 75.00 + Free USA Shipping
8 Cards - 100.00 +  Free USA Shipping
and Free Peters Piano
( 9 Cards Complete)

Contact me for International Shipping Rates
and quotes for quantity

Email Me Here for questions or to place your order.
Don't forget to mention titles and quantity

Visit My Portfolio

Examples of How you Can Frame
Your Art Card

 Giclee Prints- Fine Art Digital Prints made on ink-jet printers. The name originally applied to fine art prints created on IRIS printers in a process invented in the late 1980s but has since come to mean any high quality ink-jet print and is often used by artist, galleries, and print shops to denote such prints.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Peaceful Haven for van Gogh, by k Madison Moore PA Artist

A Peaceful Haven for van Gogh

12 x 12 inches Oil on Canvas

On it's way to a Hong Kong Gallery

Art within Art Series

Do you have your own private Haven? A place where you go to relax and unwind. A place that is full of all your favorite things surrounding you. A place where you go by yourself to reflect?
van Gogh was such a troubled soul. I wondered if her ever found his own private Haven?
When I look at his work an try to put myself in his mind set.... Impossible! He struggled with anxiety and metal illness all of his life. Who knows what was in his troubled mind when he painted his sunflowers out in the fields all alone.

I wanted to create what I thought would be a Haven for van Gogh if he was alive today. On the ottoman are some of his favorite things. His straw hat and a his bible. I was surprised to find that Vincent always wanted to be a preacher and did in fact preach on occasion but he was just too unstable to follow through.

Of course the shoes are his as well that he included in a few of his works. I can't imagine walking in van Goghs shoes! In this Haven is warmed by a nice fire, sipping wine and smoking his pipe. His soul being smoothed by beautiful music from the phonograph.
A Peaceful Haven for van Gogh.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lounging in The Patterns of Matisse by k Madison Moore

Lounging in The Patterns of Matisse
11 x 14  Matisse Oil Painting on Canvas

Art within Art Series

Another Matisse and many more to come. I love Matisse's bold colors and patterns. I thought it would be fun to see if I could do a painting that would make sense in the end with as many patterns as I could.
I think this one turned out really great. I had not idea where it would go when I started it and thought
I did a study on Patterns by Matisse and was amazed at what I found.

So you can guess how I got the title for this paintings.
"Lounging in The Patterns of Matisse."
What a fun painting to add to any collection.
More to come,

Email Madison Here if you may be interested.

My New Portfolio Gallery

Throughout his career Matisse employed his serene and joyous imagery in mediums outside the fine arts -- book illustration, tapestry and rug design, and architectural decoration. From 1944 to the end of his life, he produced decoupes, in which he cut shapes from colored paper and pasted them onto fields of white. These works, which achieve an ultimate blending of Matisse's vibrant color with the energetic flow of his line, are considered by many to be his best. Matisse's supreme accomplishment, which may be seen in all his work, was to liberate color from its traditionally realistic function and to make it the foundation of a decorative art of the highest order.

Henri Matisse  31 December 1869 – 3 November 1954) was a  French Artist, known for his use of color and his fluid and original draftsmanship. He is known primarily as a painter although was also a draftsman and sculptor.  Although he was initially labeled a Fauve  (wild beast), by the 1920s he was increasingly hailed as an upholder of the classical tradition in French painting. His mastery of the expressive language of color and drawing, displayed in a body of work spanning over a half-century, won him recognition as a leading figure in Modern Art.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dora and Picasso - A Paris Afternoon by k Madison Moore

Dora and Picasso - A Paris Afternoon


 16 x 16 Oil painting on Canvas
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Art within Art Series


Visit My Portfolio for more in this Series
I don't think I will ever tire of painting with Picasso. Every time
I research him I find more and more information and works of his that
I have not seen before. I found a painting of Dora Marr recently
and decided that since they had such a long relationship, that
I needed to design a composition around her.
He painted many of  her all differently. He must have seen her
in many different ways.

Here is a bit more info on Dora Marr and Picasso: Enjoy!

Picasso and Dora Maar - A Mercurial Meeting of Minds

In the winter of 1935 Picasso became intimately involved with
Dora Maar, a stunningly beautiful, passionate and acutely intelligent 
young woman. Dora's influence was to stimulate one of the most
innovative periods of his career. His personal life was in turmoil when
they met: he had broken up with his wife Olga Koklova, a ballet dancer
with the Ballet Russes; and Marie-Thérèse Walter, his mistress since
1927, had given birth to their daughter, Maya. He felt incapable of
painting and instead devoted his creative energy to writing poetry.

Dora Maar was already established in Paris as an acclaimed fashion
and publicity photographer, before her involvement with Picasso.
Aside from her commercial practice she was an innovative Surrealist
photographer, painter, intellectual and political activist. It is easy to
understand how the meeting of Dora and Picasso's  inventive
minds  influenced their work and fed each other's creative

Picasso and Dora had a complex personal and artistic relationship
that spanned the intense period from the outbreak of the Spanish
Civil War to the end of the Second World War. Picasso once
admitted that for him, Maar had become the personification
of war as he painted her many times during World War II.
Shortly after their first meeting, in the winter of 1935/36, they began
an artistic collaboration. Dora photographed Picasso in her studio at
at 29, rue d'Astorg. These early portraits are important records
that capture Picasso, the guarded professional artist, as he gradually
surrenders to the warmth and tenderness of a close relationship.
Mysteriously, Dora developed some of these portraits but never
printed them. It is almost as if the ethereal nature of the negatives had
captured the soul of the man she loved, a secret she preferred to keep
to herself.

She became Picasso's constant companion and lover from 1936
through April, 1944.  Maar went back to painting and exhibited in
Paris soon after Picasso left her for Françoise. 
In later years she became a recluse, dying poor and alone.

Maar kept many of Piccaso’s portraits of her for herself until she
died in 1997.She suffered Picasso’s moods during their love affair.
Maar and Picasso’s love affair ended in 1944 and Picasso left her
a drawing of 1915 as a good-bye gift.

Read about Dora Marr

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Matisse - A Touch of Red by k Madison Moore PA Artist

Matisse - A Touch of Red
12 x 16
Oil Painting on Canvas

Art within Art Series
I found it very interesting that with all the brilliant
colors that Matisse used that he actually did several
paintings in black and white. So.... here are six
of them in this composition. Of course I could not resist
adding the red flowers to each one and a touch of red 
here and there, to, as they say, kick it up a notch!
Not to mention that it is my signature color.
Matisse never worried about perspective andhis
 tables the tops are turned up so you can see the items
on the tables. I think I managed to pull that off here with 
the checked table.
Another fun painting to ad to my Art within Art Series

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Henri Matisse is considered the most important French artist of the 20th century and, along with Pablo Oicasso, one of the most influential modernist painters of the last century. Matisse began studying drawing and painting in the 1890s. A student of the masters of Post-Impressionism, Matisse later made a reputation for himself as the leader of a group of painters known as Les Fauves. An ironic label given to them by a critic (it means "wild beasts"), the name reflected Matisse's aggressive strokes and bold use of primary colors. In 1905 Matisse gained sudden fame with three paintings, including Woman with the Hat, purchased by the wealthy American ex-patriot Gertrude Stein . Beyond painting, he worked with lithographs and sculpture, and during World War II he did a series of book designs. Later in his career he experimented with paper cutouts and designed decorations for the Dominican chapel in Vence, France. Along with Picasso, Matisse was considered one of the world's greatest living painters throughout his life. His other works include "The Dance" (1910), "Red Fish" (1911) and "The Moroccan in Green" (1913).

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