Friday, December 16, 2011

"Picasso" A Consuming Passion, Art within Art Painting, by k Madison Moore

Picasso - A Consuming Passion
©kMadisonMoore MkM

11 x 14 inches Oil on Canvas

Art within Art Series 


A Consuming Passion _ Picasso
11 x 14

This commission was inspired by this original.
However, the above first photo, is 14 x 18 and has
many changes such as the flooring, throw pillows
and the paintings one the wall but yet is still within 
the same theme to make each one an original for the

If you see a painting with a theme that you like
I can repaint it in any size you wish and add the 
elements that you would like to have or I can design
one just for you. Just email me with your ideas.

Well...finally getting back to work after a very long two months of fighting
the flu off and on and dental surgeries. I am so behind in all of my work
and my collectors are so patient waiting for their commissions.  Thank you.

Meanwhile before I got sick I had a few paintings almost done so decided
to  complete them to get me back in the swing. I had so much fun
 with this one.

I wanted to make every single object in this painting detailed and unusual
in some way and to use as many colors as possible. I think I managed 
to get it all in but boy...did it take a lone time!!

The funny little reading lady is a character from one of Picasso's
paintings, can't think of the title at the moment. The flooring is a clip
from another and of course the wall paintings are my take on Picasso.
Oh, and the candlestick on the cabinet and the vase on the t
able are from Piacaso's.

 I am finding more and more that I change so many things
in the Masters that I use for reference. I think it's fun to combine my
ideas and changes with their work and to build my own concepts.
I love working with Picasso and will be doing many more along the way
 "Picasso - A Consuming Passion"  Enjoy!


Marina said...

Genius! You continue to totally blow my mind with these paintings!

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks so much Marian. You are always so supportive.

rwhj said...

Wow Madison! This one really makes me smile. I feel so color full.

k Madison Moore said...

Wow, what a nice comment. Thanks so much,
M :)

Jesse Brown said...

Love the colors, Madison. Great!

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks so much rwhj
M :)

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks again Jessie
M :)

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