Monday, December 12, 2011

Connoisseur Wine Masters Series Coffee Table Art Book, by k Madison Moore

Segment Two Connois...
By k. Madison Moore ...

This is my New Coffee Table Art Book
Painting with The Masters - Segment Two
Connoisseur Wine Masters

I just love doing these books for my Collectors.
 I try to do at least one a year around the holidays.
They make such wonderful gifts for those that you
do not know what to buy for. All the paintings
are full color and Blurb does great quality.

The image is printed right on the beautiful hard cover.
You also have the option for a softback or a paper
image wrap cover and different qualities of paper.
In the past you could not Preview the entire book,
only the first few pages. This year they made that
change where you can see the entire book, which 
really is much nicer. I like to see what I am buying!

Click Preview on the small image to see the book.
You can also purchase it there if you like it.

This year is The Connoisseur Wine Masters Series
I know I have many collectors that collected this series
so they will be happy to have this beautiful book for their
coffee tables.


If you have questions please feel free to


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