Saturday, December 15, 2012

Interior Painting Inspired by Henri Matisse A Touch of Red Plus by k Madison Moore

A Touch of Red - Plus
 Inspired by Henri Matisse

60" x 30" Interior Oil Painting on Canvas

Paintings of Interiors Inspired by The Masters
Art within Art Series

Sold - Commission
Thank You Brandon and Wendy
Happy Holidays and Safe Trip

 I had such fun painting this. Obviously,  my favorite color is Red
so you know I loved doing this painting. Below you will see the
original, A Touch of Red. My collectors loved the painting and wanted
it much bigger. I had a lot of space to do additional elements like 
the twisted bookcase and fun trinkets on the shelves.
In the close up below of the bookcase you will see that I added
their names to the books for that personal touch.

I changed our lady's face and gave her some nice jewelry.
I painted the flowers differently and brighter with more detail
and changed the chair style a bit. The nice thing about repainting
in a larger size is not only being able to add elements but I can
do so much more fine detail because of the space available.
The bigger the better!

If you are interested in a commission from the Art within Art 

Series or you would like me to design one for you 
please email me with your ideas.
I would be happy to work with you on the
project to create something unique and special just for you.

Custom Frames also available made in my studio

Original 11 x 14 Interior Painting

Adding their names on the books makes the painting totally
theirs and so personal. They loved it!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Alfons Mucha Inspired Interior Painting, Spoken For by k Madison Moore

Spoken For
Inspired by Alfons Mucha

©kMadisonMooreFineArt Inc

11 x 14 Art Deco Interior Oil Painting

Painting with The Masters

Art within Art Series


I recently saw a similar beautiful lady to this on one of the
sites representing Alfons Mucha. Since it was time for me to do
another Art Deco Painting I decided to do my own version. I always
loved lilac, blue and green together so here it is! lol!
I think the painting title speaks for it's self.
Another beauty that is "Spoken For"

Alfons Maria Mucha was born in Ivancice, a small provincial town in the Czech Republic.
He started his artistic career as an autodidact. Alfons Mucha had a vocational training in stage decorations in Vienna from 1879 to 1881. In the evening he attended a class in drawing. After a few occasional commissions for decorative paintings, he went to Munich in Southern Bavaria. Here he studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts from 1885 until 1887.
After Munich, Mucha moved to the "mecca" of arts, Paris. Here he studied with different teachers. He lived in modest conditions and could survive with small commissions for book and newspaper illustrations. For a short period he shared a studio with Paul Gauguin.
By this time Mucha had developed his own personal style - characterized by art nouveau elements, tender colors and bycantine decorative elements. And all these elements were ranked around images of fairy like young women with long hair and splendid, refined costumes. In the coming years, this type of female images should become his trademark.
Mucha used lithography as the printing technique for his posters. The posters are usually signed in the block. Some of his posters were produced as sets like The Four Seasons. Complete sets count among the most searched for of his works.

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