Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Portrait of Marilyn Monroe in a Big Pink Hat by k Madison Moore

Portrait of Marilyn Monroe

18 x 18 Marilyn Monroe Oil Painting on Canvas


My Marilyn's sell almost as fast as my Frida's. This one was purchased
by my collectors husband for her birthday to add to her growing collection
below. These are some mine that she has in her Marilyn Collection now.

Thank you Kelly and Devon for continuing to collect.

This is Kelly looking happy with her usual smile.
Happy Birthday Kelly.
So happy you like your new addition.

If you  have an idea for a Marilyn or for any other subject
contact me with your thoughts. Never any obligation.

Prints are being sold HERE

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Portrait of Frida Kahlo by k Madison Moore Pennsylvania Artist

Portrait of Frida in Turquoise Jewelry

Forever Frida Series
16 x 20 Frida Kahlo Oil painting on canvas 

I never get tired of painting Frida. What an inspiration she is to me.
I think about her life and all that she went through and admire her strength.
Such a shame that we had to loose her at the age of 47. I always wonder what 
else she would have accomplished had she lived longer. What would she have 
painted? How would her work evolved over the years?

I was researching Diego Rivera’s paintings and saw a beautiful portrait he painted
with a similar floral background so I was inspired to do a similar for this portrait of Frida.
She loved her jewelry and wore many rings at one time, sometimes on all fingers. I 
wanted to see her in less rings and turquoise jewelry and big, like she loved it!

I decided to use pinks instead of reds and oranges in this piece. I wanted to keep it
on the softer side and I love the turquoise jewelry against the magenta and pink hues.

Hopefully next year I will be adding a lot more to my Forever Frida Series.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Penthouse Nights After Six

After Six Series

Sold Commissions

24 x 36 Oil Painting on Canvas

Thanks again R & C

If you have an idea for a commission project or you want
 a painting that has already been sold, contact me for similar paintings

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