Saturday, May 21, 2016

Van Gogh and Gauguin Together Forever by k Madison Moore

Van Gogh and Gauguin Together Forever

The In Love with van Gogh Project

14 x 18 van Gogh Oil Painting on Canvas

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Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin with be together forever in art and history. This is a project that I have been thinking about doing for years. My intentions was to paint 12 paintings depicting  different stages and events in van Gogh’s life and post them in succession. However, with other projects, series and commissions coming in, I am finding this difficult to do. 
Therefore I will post them as I paint them in between my other projects. A lot of research has gone into this project.

I feel good that I was finally able to get this project started with this beautiful painting that has been on my mind forever. This is the window wall of Vincent’s Bedroom. These are two chairs that Vincent painted. The one on the right Gaugin’s chair  and the other is his chair with the exception of his pipe. I placed on the table instead of on the chair. Of course I had to incorporate Sunflowers by Vincent behind his chair.

I can picture Vincent and Paul sitting in front of Vincent’s bedroom window in these chairs
sharing a glass of wine relaxing after a hard day of painting with their shoes off. The shoes are my impression of shoes that Vincent painted. 

Although this is not the view from his bedroom window, I love this painting by Vincent
Lavanda-e-girasoli-Provenza- Lavender and Sunflowers  Painted in 1888 so decided it would be the view for this painting.

In October 1888, van Gogh and Gauguin exchanged self-portraits that revealed a great deal about how they perceived themselves and wished to be seen by others. In van Gogh’s portrait, his gaunt face, short hair and beard allude to his belief in monastic lifestyle and refer to his old as a monk or humble disciple to Gauguin.

Gauguin presented himself as an outlaw in his self portrait. The bold lines of the figure and vivid colors manifest Gauguin’s interest in an abstract, symbolic lifestyle. van Gogh however, was disappointed when he received Gauguin’s Self- Portrait, believing that it expressed torment while falling to offer any hope or consolation. He even suggested that the troubled Gauguin would benefit from a stay in the reinvigorating environment of Arles.

Possiibly one of the greatest artistic influences on Vincent van Gogh was Paul Gauguin . Van Gogh and Gauguin met in Paris in November of 1887. Van Gogh had organized an art exhibit from those who Van Gogh called the Impressionists of the Petit Boulevard. After seeing the exhibit Gauguin arranged to trade one of his paintings from Martinique for two of Van Gogh's Sunflowers studies.

In February of 1888, Van Gogh decided to move to Arles in Southern France and begin what he called the Studio of the South. His plan for the studio was for it to be an artist colony where artists could work together and inspire each other. As an Art dealer, his brother Theo agreed to try to sell their work. Van Gogh rented four rooms in a building on the Place Lamartine in May. This building, known as the "Yellow House," was to be his Studio of the South.

In order to help persuade Gauguin to move to the Studio of the South, Theo provided a 250 franc monthly allowance in exchange for one of Gauguin's paintings each month. Vincent began painting sunflowers to decorate Gauguin's bedroom. These sunflowers would later become one of his signature pieces.

During their time together in Arles Gauguin bought a bale of jute from which both artists used for their canvases. This coarse material caused them both to apply the paint more thickly and to use heavier brush strokes. Van Gogh and Gauguin also painted similar subjects in Arles such as landscapes and people in the village.

In December, Gauguin painted a portrait of van Gogh painting a sunflower bouquet, reflecting his sympathy with van Gogh’s endeavors, but whenever he raised the topic of departure, van Gogh would become agitated.

On December 23, 1888 Van Gogh, in a fit of insanity, pursued Gauguin with a knife and threatened him intensely. Later that day Van Gogh returned to their house and cut off a piece of his ear lobe then offered it to a prostitute as a gift. He was unconscious and immediately taken to the local hospital, where he asked to see his friend Gauguin when he woke up, but Gauguin refused to see him.

A new book, published in Germany by Hamburg-based historians Hans Kaufmann and Rita Wildegans, argues that Vincent van Gogh may have made up the whole story to protect his friend Gauguin, a keen fencer, who actually lopped it off with a sword during a heated argument.

The historians say that the real version of events has never surfaced because the two men both kept a "pact of silence" - Gauguin to avoid prosecution and van Gogh in an effort trying to keep his friend with whom he was hopelessly infatuated.

Gauguin left Arles the next day and the two men never saw each other again.
In the first letter that Vincent van Gogh wrote after the incident, he told Gauguin, "I will keep quiet about this and so will you." That apparently was the beginning of the "pact of silence."

The residents of Arles drew up a petition to have Van Gogh readmitted to the hospital from where he was transferred to a private clinic in Saint-Remy-de-Provence. Van Gogh and Gauguin continued to communicate by letter.

Years later, Gauguin wrote a letter to another friend and in a reference about van Gogh he said, "A man with sealed lips, I cannot complain about him."
Kaufmann also cites correspondence between van Gogh and his brother Theo, in which the painter hints at what happened that night without directly breaking the "pact of silence" - he writes that "it is lucky Gauguin does not have a machine gun or other firearms, that he is stronger than him and that his 'passions' are stronger."

After parting ways neither artist could escape the other's influence. Gauguin's work began to have more religious themes after being influenced by Van Gogh's strong religious background. Gauguin also began using brighter colors, especially yellow, and thicker brush strokes like Van Gogh. Van Gogh began to use Gauguin's technique of painting from memory. This caused his paintings to become more decorative and less realistic.

Vincent's Original Sketch of his chair

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Abstract Flowers Oil Painting, He is My Sea by k Madison Moore

He is My Sea

Abstract Flowers Series

18” x 18” x 2”

Of course you’ve heard the saying, There are many Fish in the Sea, 
pertaining to there are many choices of woman and men out there.
Yes, there are many but not all are desirable.

I feel lucky to have found my Fish, he is my world, my sea!

(Title can be adapted to “She is My Sea” if purchased by a male )

I decided to start with larger deeper canvases and to work on the sides as well carrying down some design and colors from the
painting to create more drama. 

No frame is needed. They are wired and ready to hang.

Commission projects welcome in your colors and specifications.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Flowers Blossom for Their Own Joy by k Madison Moore

Flowers Blossom for Their Own Joy

Abstract Flowers Series

18" x 18" x 2" Abstract Flower Oil Painting on Canvas

Imagine if flowers could take a different form each time
they bloomed.

They could exist in thought or an idea but not have a physical existence.

...or they could blossom in any form for Their Own Joy

They could be anything they wanted to be.
Like us!

Like Abstract Flowers!

 I decided to start with larger deeper canvases and to work on the sides as well carrying down some design and colors from the
painting to create more drama. 
No frame is needed. They are wired and ready to hang.

Commission projects welcome in your colors and specifications.

Contact me with your ideas.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Every Flower is a Soul by k Madison Moore

Every Flower is a Soul

Abstract Flowers Series

18" x 18" x 2" Abstract Flower Oil painting on Canvas

This is a brand new series that I have been thinking about for a very long time.
It took awhile for it all to sink in and to work on the technique but I have to say I
am now loving it. I am working on my third composition now. This is the first.

There are many layers of colors and glazes to create a 3D effect. 
So Much nicer in hand where you can appreciate all the details and depth of colors.

I decided to start with larger deeper canvases and to work on the sides as well
carrying down some design and colors from the painting to create more drama. 
No frame is needed. They are wired and ready to hang.

Commission projects welcome in your colors and specifications.
Contact me with your ideas.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dare to be Different - Banksy / Bowie by k Madison Moore

Dare to be Different - Banksy Painting Bowie

18 x 24 Bowie / Banksy Oil Painting on Canvas

Sold - Commission

Contact me for Prints

My Collector loved Bowie and wanted to a composition with him standing under a street light in England at night watching the ghost of Banksy painting him on an alley wall. Banksy of course is in ghost form since no-one really knows who he is. F I did a similar previous painting of Banksy painting Marilyn Monroe for another collector.

Banksy is an England-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director of unverified identity. 

Banksy displays his art on publicly visible surfaces such as walls and self-built physical prop pieces. Banksy does not sell photographs or reproductions of his street graffiti, but art auctioneers have been known to attempt to sell his street art on location and leave the problem of its removal in the hands of the winning bidder.

Banksy is a household name in England but his identity is a subject of febrile speculation. Elusive street artist Banksy has kept his identity a closely guarded secret. Banksy, a street artist whose identity remains unknown, is believed to have been born in Bristol, England, around 1974. He rose to prominence for his provocative stenciled pieces in the late 1990s. 

Banksy’s stencils feature striking and humorous images combined with slogans. The message is usually anti-war, anti- capitalist or anti - establishment. Subjects often include rats, aprs, policemen, soldier, children and the elderly. 

The Spirit of Banksy

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monet in The Garden Exhibit Landscape Painting by k Madison Moore

Monet in The Garden Exhibit

24 x 36 Monet Landscape Oil Painting on Canvas

Sold  - Commission

My collectors love flowers and landscapes but they

also love my Art within Art Series. We decided to try
it in an outdoor garden scene instead of an interior
or museum. Who better to exhibit but Monet for this
garden composition.

The water is flowing through the garden while the

ladies walk about. One is resting at the waterfalls
edge while another looks on from the top of the stairs
at all the Monet paintings hanging from the trees.
Can you find all four of them?

This was a fun painting but took a very long time.


If you have an idea for a commission Contact me
with your ideas.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Philippines ural - Picasso Inspired by k Madison Moore


Romancing Picasso

8' x 10'

Mural at El Cocinero @ La Bella  Tangaytay Philippines

This is my Romancing Picasso in the entrance of a small romantic restaurant in the Philippines.
Not great photos but you get the idea.

Just received another beautiful comment from a collector:

Thank so much Heather
Wow! Madison - this is great  news -the mural is beautiful. Picasso would have been honoured if he was alive.   When are you going to do something like this in London?  Wish you all the best, may this be only the start of what lies ahead for someone with your talent - looking forward to seeing your work all over the globe.  This has made my day, warm regards, God Bless! Heather

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sitting with Picasso Again by k Madison Moore

Sitting with Picasso Again

Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series

11 x 14 Still Life Interior Oil Painting on Canvas

It has been so long since I added to my Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series. Always so much fun and still one of my
favorite series.

I love Picasso!!  I love to paint with him and see what I can come
up with in a similar style to his. This was a fun painting working
with my impressions of some of his sitting paintings. Did you
ever notice how many paintings he has of people sitting for him?

The Hand Sculpture and the Vase are also similar to some of
his works. The wine is his brand too, let's join him!  lol!

Enjoy Sitting with Picasso Again

If you see a painting that is sold that you would like to have,
please contact me for details for similar paintings.

Original paintings make great gifts for the holidays.

no dp

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Expressions of Roy by k Madison Moore - Masters Studio Series

Expressions of Roy

Painting with The Masters
Masters Studio Series 
Roy Lichtenstein Studio

14 x 18 Roy Lichtenstein Inspired oil painting on canvas


Roy must have been a fun guy. He loved comics and did many paintings
after them. Many and most of them were designed with tiny dots and bright colors.
No way was I doing that!

  He painted so many different expressions so I thought
it would be fun to  do my impression of some of them and have them
hanging in his studio with his favorite leather sofa.

He designed some furniture as well. I just loved this crazy curvy chair
and stool so had to include it in this composition. Looks like he was having
tea and someone forgot their sneakers!

Here's a photo of Roy lounging on his leather sofa in his studio

Roy Fox Lichtenstein was born on October 27, 1923, in New York City, the first of two children born to Milton and Beatrice Werner Lichtenstein. Milton Lichtenstein (1893–1946) was a successful real estate broker, and Beatrice Lichtenstein (1896–1991

Roy Lichtenstein was one of the most influential and innovative artists of the second half of the twentieth century. He is preeminently identified with Pop Art, a movement he helped originate, and his first fully achieved paintings were based on imagery lifted from comic strips and advertisements and rendered in a style mimicking the crude printing processes of newspaper reproduction. 

In August 1997, Lichtenstein fell ill with pneumonia. He died unexpectedly of complications from the disease on September 29, 1997, at the age of 73, in New York City.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Painting My Dreams for Bella by k Madison Moore Inspired by Marc Chagall

Painting My Dreams for Bella

Painting with The Masters Series

11 x 14 Chagall  Inspired Oil Painting on Canvas



Prints Available Upon Request

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“Love and fantasy go hand in hand “- Marc Chagall

This is perfect quote for this composition! I love to do work like his.
The room is Chagall's "Interior with Flowers", of course altered for this
piece. I added Chagall's Self Portrait and have him painting his work titled:

"The Birthday".

It’s her birthday and in a moment of emotion and passion, her husband decides that the flowers he got for her are not enough. And so, he literally ‘leaps’ to kiss her, catching her by a wonderful surprise and carrying her away.

I thought it would be fun to also have Bella and Chagall floating from his imagination above 
the flowers towards the window as he has them in the Birthday painting. 

This is my first time painting with Chagall but will not be my last.
This was a really fun painting with a lot of thought and my imagination.
A Great painting for Chagall lovers.

The Birthday by Marc Chagall

“The Birthday” or “Anniversary” as it’s also known, is a 1915 Marc Chagall composition featuring a simple interior  typical of Russian provincial tastes of the turn of the 20th century. The two figures, a man and a woman appear to be free of having to conform to the common laws of physics. They simply float, unburdened by gravity. The woman in the painting is none other than Chagalls’ beloved first wife Bella Rosenfeld whom the artist met in St. Petersburg in 1908. Bella, in a simple black dress is shown tilted forward towards the window as if running, holding a festive bouquet of flowers. Chagall – floating lovingly above her, kissing her with his head bent and twisted, his torso turned away from her. This is an intimate setting, meant for the loved one, and that’s how the viewer gets a feeling of being in the same room as the couple and almost intruding upon an intimate moment. Like so many of Marc Chagall’s other loving tributes to his wife, this painting is filled with intimacy, caring affection, love and warmth.

Interior with Flowers by Marc Chagall

Self Portrait by Marc Chagall

Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers was Marc Chagall’s first self-portrait, painted in 1912-13. He was about 25 years old at the time. It was painted in his first Paris studio in Paris, where he and 200 fellow artists lived in very poor conditions. It’s an example of how artists can include personal meaning and history in their self-portraits.

Chagall (born 1887- died 1985) grew up in Belarus, now an independent country, but then part of the Russian empire. His father was a laborer (unskilled construction worker) who struggled to make enough money to support the family. While Chagall spent most of his life in France, he never stopped returning to Belarus in his mind and in his art. In Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers, two landscapes hover above the painter:  his new home of Paris and the memories of his childhood village in Belarus.
Chagall’s Jewish heritage shows strongly in much of his work, with references to traditional folktales, fables, and beliefs. In Study for Self Portrait with Seven Fingers, Chagall refers to the colorful Yiddish folk expression Mit alle zibn finger, (with all seven fingers,) meaning “working as fast and as hard as possible”.  That explains the extra fingers!
The broken, puzzle-like appearance of the objects in the painting is an influence from Cubism, a popular style of painting at the time. Chagall was experimenting with Cubist methods of breaking up reality and reassembling it in new ways. 

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Monday, February 29, 2016

In A Blue Dream by k Madison Moore - Blue Nude Oil Painting

In A Blue Dream

Emotions Blue Series
11 x 14 Blue Nude Oil Painting

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Her Black Swan Original Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Her Black Swan

“But when the swan departs, you shall remain behind, like an abandoned woman.” - Sri Guru Granth Sahib

I painted this a few months ago and used a different palette
of earth tones.  I was never happy with it though. I love the 
piece and felt it was well worth working again.  This week I
 revisited it and added much more color, more my style and now
I am much happier. Of course they are always much nicer in hand
where you can appreciate all of the beautiful glazes and details.

 Is the Black Swan her mate, her lover, her friend?
Can you tell this story? I am leaving this one to you.
Would love to hear your rendition :)

Figurative Series

14 x 18 Swan Floral Oil Painting on Canvas

 Prints Available Upon Request

Email Me

Comments from a Collector

Hi Madison,

This is  beautiful - hadn't a clue that the Black swan in Hindu mythological and Vedic literature had spiritual qualities, or that Sikhs compared a saintly person to a Black Swan (someone who performed good deeds).  Fuschia or deep Pink go really well with the Black of the swan.  The magnolia flowers are really pretty.  Pretty girl.
 In India we have the  Magnolia Champaca (The Temple tree or Champa tree) - the flowers have a beautiful fragrance, also called Frangipani

Kind regards

Thank you Heather for your always kind words ~ Madison

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