Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Celebrating Marilyn Monroe Miniature Chair Painting by k Madison Moore

Celebrating Marilyn
Inspired by Andy Warhol

Chairs Series
6 x 8 Miniature Chair Oil Painting on Canvas

Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson; June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962)[3] was an American actress, model, and singer, who became a major  sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the 1950s and early 1960s.

Soon after her tragic death in 1962, Warhol made a series of paintings paying tribute to Marilyn Monroe, the film star and sex  symbol who had captured America’s imagination. Warhol based this Portrait on a publicity still from the 1953 film Niagara. Warhol took Marilyn Monroe as his subject in different mediums, silkscreening the actresses’ image multiple times on a grid in bright colors and black and white.
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Frida and Diego Painting of Interior by k Madison Moore

A Moment in Time - Frida and Diego


Frida Kahlo Series

14 x 18 Oil Painting on Canvas

Another addition to my Frida Series.   I was inspired by a scene in the movie “Frida” similar to this one where they were lying in bed talking about Frida’s paintings. She told Diego that he could probably paint like that when he was 12. Diego replied that, “He could never paint like that.” A  touching scene with Frida and Diego

This one was tough doing them  from the back to facing reflections in the mirror but I like the way it came out.  I had a blast getting lost in designing the very complicated pleated throw. It almost looks like a skirt but it is my design of an elaborate pleated, fringed Mexican throw. I was looking all over for reference for Mexican Blankets and there were really none that were unusual so I really got into all of the colors and pleats. Fun! Might have to make one for my bed!


A Moment in Time - Frida and Diego

Here is a link to the Trailer or Purchase of the movie if you haven't seen it.   

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Friday, October 10, 2014

A Little Monet Chair Painting by k Madison Moore

A Little Monet
Inspired by Claude Monet

Miniature Paintings
Chair Series


6 x 8 Monet Chair Oil Painting on Canvas

From 1860 on, Monet abandonned dark colors and worked from a palette limited to pure light colors. In 1905, answering a question about his colors, he wrote :
"As for the colors I use, what's so interesting about that ? I don't think one could paint better or more brightly with another palette. The most important thing is to know how to use the colors. Their choice is a matter of habit. In short, I use white lead, cadmium yellow, vermilion, madder, cobalt blue, chrome green. That's all."

I must have been on a Monet mood lately. This is my second Monet
in two weeks. Just loving painting these little chair paintings.
Love Monet, love his palette and love painting with him.

A Little Monet

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Spot for Erte Chair Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

A Spot for Erte'

Miniature Paintings
Chairs Series

Art Deco
6 x 8 Chair Oil Painting on Canvas

Romain de Tirtoff (23 November 1892 – 21 April 1990) was a Russian- born artist  and designer known by the pseudonym Erté, from the French pronunciation of his initials. He was a diversely talented 20th-century artist and designer who flourished in an array of fields, including  fashion, jewelry, graphic arts, costume and set design and set design for film, theatre, and opera, and interior decor. 
Erté continued working throughout his life, designing revues, ballets, and operas. He had a major rejuvenation and much lauded interest in his career during the 1960s with the Art Deco revival. He branched out into the realm of limited edition prints, bronzes, and wearable art.
Two years before his passing, Erté created seven limited edition bottle designs for Courvoisier to show the different stages of the cognac-making process, from distillation to maturation.
Just an amazing talent in so many way. I fell in love with him the first time I laid eyes on his work.
I love animal prints and always admired a similar painting of Erte', of course because I adore cats
of all breeds.

A Spot for Erte

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monet Melodies Interior Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Monet Melodies
Inspired by Claude Monet

Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series

14 x 18 Oil Painting of Interior on Canvas

I have painted Monet's Giverny and Bridge many 
times but different each time as well as this floral piano.
I hope to some day visit Giverny and paint, paint,
paint. Many artists have visited The Gardens of Giverny
to paint. Many never returned  and made the town of
Giverny their home. I can only imagine how incredibly 
gorgeous it is there and to be able to pant so many 
beautiful scenes.

Meanwhile I could relax in this big beautiful room
looking out at the willow trees and the turquoise
Japanese Bridge that Monet loved so much.
Maybe listening to a quiet Melody from the piano
with a slight fragrant breeze coming from the
lily pond through the windows.
Can you imagine?

I found this very rare video of Monet
painting in his garden.
It very short but how wonderful to see him live and painting.

Monet Melodies

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Vinnie's Garden Miniature Chair Painting by k Madison Moore

Vinnie's Garden
Inspired by van Gogh

6x 8 Miniature Chair Paintings
Chair Series

Just a cute, fun painting to add to my miniature paintings Chairs Series. I think Vincent would like it. Can wait to paint more chairs!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Painting Jeanne - Modigliani's Studio France 1917 Interior Painting by k Madison Moore

Painting Jeanne 
 Modigliani’s Studio France 1917
Inspired by Amedeo Modigliani

Painting with The Masters
Masters Studios Series
14 x 18  Modigliani Oil Painting on Canvas

I never get tired of this love affair. So sad but beautiful at the same time. I
 am happy to add Modigliani to my Masters Studio’s Series. He painted over
200 works of Jeanne in the few short years they were together. I often wonder
where they would have gone and what they would have done had Modi and Jeanne
not died so young. What a wonderful artist he was and Jeanne was up and coming.
Do you think she would have painted so many pieces of him?

Painting Jeanne

Modigliani depicted his mistress, Jeanne Hébuterne (1898-1920), in more than twenty works but never in the nude.

In the history of art she is accorded the honorable role of the last but not the least influential muse of Modigliani. Popular literature and cinema repeatedly used her image to give their own view of the life story of the great artist, picturing her as a young girl devoted to her husband. 

The name of Jeanne Hebuteme  is inseparable from that of Amedeo Modigliani, and the surprising and sad truth is that it was her death rather than life that tied them together forever. It is common knowledge that she committed suicide the day after Modigliani’s death and was buried in the same grave. She didn’t live to see her 22nd birthday.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Purple Passion Nude Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Purple Passion

Emotions in Color

11 x 14 Nude Oil Painting on Canvas

Sold Commission

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Touch of Peter Miniature Chair Painting by k Madison Moore

A Touch of Peter
©k MadisonMoore2014
6 x 8 Miniature Oil Painting on Canvas
Chair Series

I love Cherry Blossoms and Peter Max so just had to do a little chair painting for my loves. Peter paints the best cherry blossoms so I used his style for this painting. So fun to do these little chair paintings. They make nice collectables for those who are running out of hanging space and still need to collect.
In 1912, Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo bestowed an incredible gift of 3,000 cherry trees on the city of Washington, DC. Every year since, for one hundred years, the  National Cherry Blossoms Festival has continued to draw crowds to our nation’s capital.

World-renowned artist  Peter Max has been named the Official Artist of the Centennial Celebration, creating the dynamic 2012 commemorative poster in his iconic style.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Medallion - Forever Frida Series Oil Paintings by k Madison Moore

The Medallion - I Have Wings to Fly

Forever Frida Series

Inspired by Frida Kahlo

16 x 20 Oil Panting on Canvas

Commission Projects Welcome
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I have such admiration for Frida and her life story. There are so many people that love her and many collectors of anything Frida Kahlo, that I decided to do a series as a Homage to her. I have 6 older paintings already but will hopefully be able to build a series of 100 Frida paintings based on her life. 

This painting touched me and has a lot of meaning to my life as well. I had years of recovery from a serious accident and lost the use of my painting arm for several years along with many other injuries that left me with some disabilities. When I read about what Frida faced in her very short life I feel blessed and inspired.

1948 - Frida painted two self portrait’s in which she appears wearing traditional Tehuana headdresses. This is similar to the one that Diego love so much. Frida loved lace and wore it often. In Frida’s painting she has a look of pain and tears on her face. I don’t like to paint sad emotions so I painted her as I would see her in this headdress, more beautiful and peaceful.

I loved that she wore a medallion with a dove.  The Dove is generally
thought to be a symbol of freedom. Birds can walk on the earth and swim in the sea as humans do but they also have the ability to soar into the sky. Birds are free to roam to earth and the sky. Many cultures believe that they are a symbol of eternal life, the link between heaven and earth.

Quote Frida: “ Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”

I wonder if maybe her medallion represents her feeling in this quote.
With all of her pain and adversities she still faced life with a gentle, positive spirit.  Is this the spirit of the dove? The freedom and the ability to walk through life with bravery? Is this her link between Heaven and Earth? Eternity?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dancing with Renoir Art Museum Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Dancing with Renoir

Inspired by Pierre - Auguste Renoir

Art  Museum Collection Series
11 x 14   Museum Oil Painting on Canvas

Painting with an artist like Renoir is a challenge to me. Not trying to really duplicate
his work but  doing my own impression. However, working with the impressionist
style is the real challenge. My usual work is so detailed and impressionism is so loose.
I think I did well with this piece. It has been sketched for about a year. I had to really be
in the mode for a challenge to paint this one.

Dancing with Renoir

Impressions of a few of Renoir’s Paintings in this museum exhibit painting

Summer of Moments 1883    
Dance in the City, 1883   
Dance at Bougival, 1883
    La Loge  The Theatre Box, 1874   

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (February 25, 1841 – December 3, 1919) was a leading french painter in that  Impressionist movement.
Renoir was born in Limonges, France, and was the child of a working-class factory. As a child, he worked in a porcelain factory where his drawing talents led to his deigning the prints on fine china. Before officially beginning his artist training, he painted hangings for overseas missionaries and decorations on fans.
A prolific artist, he created several thousand paintings. The warm sensuality of Renoir's style made his paintings some of the most well-known and frequently-reproduced works in the history of art. The single largest collection of his works—181 paintings in all—is at the Barnes Foundation, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Miniature Art Deco Chair Painting - de Lempicka by k Madison Moore

Presents for Tamara
Inspired by Tamara de Lempicka

Chairs Series
6 x 8 Miniature Oil Painting  Art Deco Chair


Born May 16, 1898, Warsaw, Poland.
Died March 18, 1980 Cuernavaca, Mexico.
Of all the artists pursuing the style "Arts Decoratifs", one of the most memorable was Tamara De Lempicka.
At the threat of a second World War, Tamara left Paris for America. She went to Hollywood, to become the "Favorite Artist of the Hollywood Stars". She and her second husband, Baron Raoul Kuffner, one of her earliest and wealthiest patrons, moved into American film director King Vidor's former house in Beverly Hills.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jeannes Blue Shoes Chair Painting - Modigliani by k Madison Moore

Jeanne’s Blue Shoes
Inspired by Modigliani

Miniature Paintings - Chairs Series
6 x 8 Chair Oil Painting on Canvas


I have been wanting to do a series of small paintings of chairs so here is the first of my
Chairs Series. I decided to start with a few based on The Masters that  I had in mind. I never get tired of panting with Modigliani, especially his portraits of Jeanne. It seems that they are all so different and she never looks the same in any two. This on is one of my favorites of Jeanne. I guess I picture Jeanne in high button blue shoes. I have no idea why, accept that I lie it, lol!

Jeanne Hebuterne  (6 April 1898 – 25 January 1920) was a French artist, best known as the frequent subject and common- law wife of the artist  Amedeo Modigliani.
gentle, shy, quiet, and delicate, Jeanne Hébuterne became a principal subject for Modigliani's art. 
If you have never read the story or haven’t seen the movie it is a wonderful love story starring Andy Garcia. Definitely one of my favorites. 

Commission projects welcome

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Monarch Fantasy Cottage oil Painting by k Madison Moore Pennsylvania Artist

Monarch Fantasy Cottage

Fantasy Cottage Series
14 x 18 Cottage Oil Painting on Canvas

So much fun! I have had this idea for awhile and just recently got all the details together in my head. It was fun painting something out of the box for me. I think this will be a fun series to pursue.  I live in a mountain cottage in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. It was originally a mountain vacation home. We have been working on it for years to make it a primary home. It is an ongoing project but we love living here. A big change from city life. 
I think being surrounded by mountains, trees, birds, butterflies and so many other wild animals
and overlooking the lake prompted my idea for this series.  I also came across a similar dress when I was doing research for this composition and fell in love with it. I can image curling up under one of those big mushrooms and taking in the sounds of the waterfall and watching the Monarch Butterflies. Could you?

Monarch Fantasy Cottage

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Miniature Nude Paintings The Shawl by k Madison Moore

The Shawl
©kMadisonMoore 2014

Miniature Nude  Paintings Series
5 x 7 Nude Oil Painting on Canvas

It's been so long since I painted this small and honestly
a bit of a challenge. Not only keeping it small but
minimalistic as well. For me that's  real Challenge!

These are great for collectors that are running out 
of room.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Touch Emotions in Blue Series Nude by k Madison Moore

The Touch

Emotions in Blue Series
11 x 14 Nude Oil Painting on Canvas

Another dreamy Blue Nude Painting to add
to my Emotions in Blue Series. I will let the
title speak for itself.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tea with Vincent Painting of Interior Inspired by Vincent van Gogh by k Madison Moore

Tea with Vincent
Inspired by Vincent van Gogh

Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series

Thank you Charlotte :)

11 x 14 Oil Painting of Interior

When Gauguin, having accepted Van Gogh’s invitation, 
began dragging his heels, the Dutchman earmarked the last 
two of the four original Sunflowers for the modest bedroom 
where his guest would sleep following his arrival that autumn. “Van Gogh saw the production of the Sunflowers for Gauguin’s bedroom as a way of enticing his friend to come from Brittany,” says Bailey.

I recently came across a painting by Vincent van Gogh similar 
to the view out of this window. I could picture myself sitting
here having tea with Vincent overlooking a sea of Sunflowers.
It seemed to make his so happy to paint them all the time. it 
was one of his favorite subjects. The flooring is my take on
one of his paintings. I love the soft greens against the golds.

The brilliant blue dining set is so adorable. The blue
represents the brilliant blue he always used in his paintings.
Tea with Vincent

The table is waiting for Vincent and all set up with cakes, teaspoons and checked napkins

Just got this lovely email from one of my collectors and wanted to share: Thank you Heather.

Dear Madison,  
 This is a  divine painting - absolutely beautiful.   Love Van Gogh -  Love the  'blue' colour of the  furniture, in the style of Van Gogh's  furniture (rustic) in his bedroom painting.    Almost bought a pale  'blue' suede 3 seater  sofa when we were living in Sao Paulo for 5 years in the 1990s.  Regret not having bought it.   T his painting will bring so much joy to anyone who sets eyes on  it.
It would have made Van Gogh proud  - you have captured his essence in it.    Anyone who paints  flowers  such as Sunflowers, Narcissus/Daffodils ,Irises, Peonies  must have a beautiful soul.  These flowers are so beautiful (not forgetting  orchids and Pansies).   If I had to live in a house like this overlooking  a beautiful field of Sunflowers I would spend my whole life day dreaming.   Love the orange centres you've given the Sunflowers - brings them to life in a special way.    The colour co-ordination of the   added items in the picture such as the   dark brown of the backs of the chairs, the orange frame of the picture on the wall, the beautiful carpet , the teapot, the  bowl  on the side board, framed photo of Van Gogh with his pipe,  the curtain, the  little red roof house in the background with the backdrop of the blue mountains add so much charm to this particular painting of yours - making  it really 'Special' in every way.  This means you must have been in a beautiful frame of mind while painting.   Thank you so much for sharing this painting with me.  
Hope both you and your hubby are doing fine.  
Thinking of you.  God bless!
Close with my warmest regards,

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Feeling Shades of Purple Blue Nude Painting by k Madison Moore

Feeling Shades of Purple

Emotions in Blue Series

11 x 14 Nude oil Painting on Canvas

Do you feel colors that you wear? Do colors set
your mood for the day or evening? Purple is a combination
of red and blue. It comes in many shades, purple, violet.
lavender, orchid and more. Does each shade have it's own vibes,
it's own feeling when your wearing it?  
Feeling Shades of Purple

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Amethyst Nude Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Amethyst -  Nude Painting


This is the first of my
Miniature Nude Paintings Series

6 x 8 Purple Nude Oil Painting on Canvas

Amethyst is a meditative and calming which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace and has powers to stimulate and smooth the mind and emotions.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mexican Painting Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo by k Madison Moore

Their Kiss
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Gold Leaf Series 
18 x 24  Oil Painting on Canvas
This painting will become part of the Why Frida Project, a book of 100 artists, 50 male, 50 female, that paint Frieda and "Why" they paint Frida.
 The book will be published and available by the end of the year. I feel honored to be part of this beautiful project as a homage to Frida Kahlo.

My inspiration for this painting was from Klimt's The Kiss. The background is gold leaf as well as some details in Frida's dress. Very hard to see in a photo. Diego wraps them in his brightly colored Serape and embraces Frida with a kiss. It is a great size of 18" x 24" oil painting on canvas.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Interior Painting Inspired by Picasso by k Madison Moore Picasso Black and White

Picasso - Black and White 

Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series

I was researching for ideas for sofas for new paintings
and ran across a similar sofa to this and fell in love.
This sofa inspired this painting. 

I have been wanting to do
some of Picasso's from his Black and White Exhibit.
The Center photo is the poster from that exhibit and
the others were in the exhibit.

Picasso Black and White

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Oil Painting of Interior Inspired by Peter Max by k Madison Moore For The Love of Mary

For The Love of Mary
Inspired by Peter Max

Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series


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I found a really nice article on how Peter Max met his wife (below)
and immediately thought of how nice it would be to do a painting
inspired by many of Peter's paintings in honor of his love for her.

Maybe she would have a room with all her favorites or some of 
them of Peter's works and furniture just as funky.  Peter Max
used so many shades of pinks and oranges, peaches and blues. I 
really like the way this came out. Would just love to have a 
yellow stripe sofa too.

For The Love of Marygs

Read about their Love affair Here

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Painting Dora and Picasso on a Paris Afternoon Interior Painting by k Madison Moore

Painting Dora and Picasso on a Paris Afternoon


Painting with The Masters Series

30 x 40 Interior Oil Painting on Canvas

Sold - Commission

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I painted a very similar painting to this one last year.
This one is 30 x 40 and bit larger than the first at 24 x 36.
I made several subtle changes to this one to keep each one
an original for the collectors.

I added three cats as this collector is a cat lover.
I also changed many colors as well as the artists hair
being red instead of blonde and her clothes are different
 as well.

I am blessed that my paintings generally sell quickly.
However, many collectors have seen sold paintings that they
would like to have. I offer similar repaints such as this piece.
The good thing about repaints is that you can have any size
you wish and can take away or add any elements that you would 
like to have in your composition.

I always imagined myself having a great studio with huge
windows like this in Paris. What better than to be painting
my impression of Picasso's Dora Marr.

Enter my imagination and visit me
Painting Dora and Picasso on a Paris Afternoon

If you have an idea for a painting or you see one that is sold
that you would like to have, contact me with your ideas.

Dora Maar became the rival of Picasso's blonde mistress, Marie- Therese Walter, who had a newborn daughter with Picasso, named Maya. Picasso often painted beautiful, sad Dora, who suffered because she was  sterile, and called her his "private  muse." For him she was the "woman in tears" in many aspects. During their love affair, she suffered from his moods, and hated that in 1943 he had found a new lover,  Francoise Gilot. 
She made herself better known in the art world with her photographs of the successive stages of the completion of Guernica, which Picasso painted in his workshop on the rue des Grands Augustins, and other photographic portraits of Picasso. Together, she and Picasso studied printing with Man Ray. Maar kept her paintings for herself until her death in 1997. They were souvenirs  of her extraordinary love affair, which made her famous forever. In Paris, still occupied by the Germans, Picasso left to her a drawing from 1915 as a goodbye gift in April 1944; it represents  Max Jacob, his close friend who had just died in the transit camp of  Drancy after his arrest by the Nazis.  He also left to her some still lives and a house at Menerbes in Provence. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Henri Rousseau Inspired Interior Painting By k Madison Moore Welcome to My jungle Again

Welcome to My Jungle - Again

Inspired by Henri Rousseau


Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series


16 x 20 Interior Oil Painting on Canvas

I loved to do puzzles when I was a kid.
Once in awhile you would see a photo with
several hidden elements in it that you had to find.
I would not give up until I found every single one.

I really like Henri Rousseau and his funny animals
and jungle paintings. I did a lot of research on his
work for this composition. See if you can find the 35
animals that are in this painting. I had a blast painting
this one but with all of the details it was never ending.

Whom ever purchases this painting will get a diagram
of where to find all of the animals. This is a fun painting
for everyone, kids and adults and surely a great
conversation piece.
Have fun!

Here is the list:

White Bird
Robin Bird
Indian Flute Woman
 3 Butterflies
3 Lions
4 Monkeys
2 Raccoons
2 Mice
2 Parrots
Big Bird

Henri Rousseau: Jungles in Paris was a visually exciting, important exhibition. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Interior Painting Inspired by Matisse The Samovar by k Madison Moore

The Samovar

Inspired by Matisse


Painting with The Masters

11 x 14 Interior Oil Painting on canvas

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 I have seen Matisse use this element ( Samovar) 
in many of his paintings and even though I didn't know
what is was I still used it as I liked the shape.
I assumed it was some kind
of heater and he obviously liked them.

Matisse being a French artist and this being mostly
Russian must have had a special reason for using it
so many times in his paintings. I wonder what that 
was? I assumed it was for tea or for heating and I wasn't
too far off. Read about it below.

This is s fun painting with the reflect of what is on
the other side of the room. Of course I always
love to include Matisse's Cat somewhere too.
Hummm....wonder what she is thinking about?


The Samovar

The Samovar

The samovar was an important attribute of a Russian household and particularly well-suited to tea-drinking in a communal setting over a protracted time period. The Russian expression "to have a sit by the samovar" means to have a leisurely talk while drinking tea from a samovar. 
In everyday use samovars were an economical permanent source of hot water in older times. Various slow-burning items could be used for fuel, such as charcoal or dry pinecones. When not in use, the fire in the samovar pipe faintly smoldered. As needed it could be quickly rekindled with the help of  bellows. Although a Russian jackboot  (сапог)  could be used for this purpose, bellows were manufactured specifically for use on samovars
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