Saturday, February 25, 2017

Marilyn and All Her Diamonds, Marilyn Monroe Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Marilyn in All Her Diamonds

14 x 18 x 2 Marilyn Monroe Portrait  Oil Painting

I still find it amazing how many people love Marilyn Monroe
to this day. I started this one over the holidays but got 
side tracked with commissions and other projects.
Another pretty one for my Marilyn Collectors.

The background is pure white satin but showing  bit darker
in the photo. Not easy taking photos on a dreary day like today 
but I wanted to get this posted for the weekend.

Please feel free to contact me with questions

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Sitting with Picasso Fine Art Print by k Madison Moore

Sitting with Picasso
Inspired by Pablo Picasso

Fine Art Prints Available Here

Commission Projects in all sizes available from this image
Contact me with your thoughts.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Calla Lilies from Diego - Frida Kahlo Portrait by k Madison Moore

Calla Lilies from Diego - Frida Kahlo Portrait


Fine Art Prints and Art Cards Available

The name Calla Lily comes from a Greek word for beauty,
purity, holiness, and faithfulness. These were Diego’s feeling for Frida.

I couldn’t wait to paint this composition. It just came to me and went so
well while I painted it. Frida loved butterflies and and birds and all 
kinds of animals and featured them many times in her paintings.
Frida’s love of nature set her spirit free even in her 
challenges and limitations.

Some of Frida’s Favorite things were in the bedroom. They were her toy collections, pre-Hispanic art pieces, Judas figures, and a diorama of mounted butterflies under glass. 

Picasso made these "hand" earrings for Frida Kahlo during her visit to Paris, for her first exhibition (which was organized by Breton and Marcel Duchamp), these were another prize possession of Frida’s.

Forever Frida Series

16 x 20 x 2 Frida Kahlo Oil painting on Canvas


Studio Website



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Pop Art Fine Art Print, For the Love of Mary, by k Madison Moore

For The Love of Mary
Inspired by Peter Max

This is great Pop Art Fine Art Print Inspired by Peter Max
and in  honor of his wife Mary.

Fine Art Prints Available Here

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dancing in My Dreams Fine Art Print by k Madison Moore

Dancing in My Dreams
Inspired by Matisse

Fine Art Prints Available in my Shop 
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Personal Composition Commission Oil Painting, All My Loves by k Madison Moore

All My Love's

30" x 40" Personal Oil Painting on Canvas
30" x 40 " Red Floater Frame


The Collectors Inspiration

I've wanted to have something personal done of my dog, Jax, and me for sometime, but I've struggled wondering, what would it look like? What size would I get? 

Then I saw an ad from Henri Bendel (below) and was kind of obsessed. I would love something like that (not that exactly), but more personal... I would want something that reflects my personality and experiences. I know I'd like it to be black and white, but with some red... 

I was thinking of something to represent the three major places I've lived for the frames (if possible): Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Texas. Each place has had something to do with significant phases of my life/career. PA - I was born and raised; it is where my family and friends are; LA

I will be sure to send multiple photos of us! His name is Jax - he is a Labrador/Weimaraner mix! Even though he is a rescue, he really rescued me. I got him right before my car accident when I broke my neck. He would check on me, tuck me in, and stayed by my side. He's just been an amazing source of comfort, especially after my sudden relocation to Houston, TX. He's a big baby, but he still tucks me in every night lol. He also has a blanket that he carries around with him from room to room. He really is my best friend. He loves everyone and every animal. He is just a sweetheart. 
He has taught me so much about unconditional love and trust.


With great photos and lots of input about all her loves and favorite things from Kaylynn, I had not problem at all designing his piece for her. Here is her response after I emailed her the finals.

It is so AMAZING!!! You are such an incredible person and artist!!! I just LOVE everything - every single detail!! I can't believe how perfect and beautiful this is -- I knew it would be fantastic, but I am just blown away!! 

It looks just like Jax and me!! 

I had to show my close friend at work! She is in love with it too! She was like "it's everything you love in one painting!" You really understand me!!

I am so excited and near tears! Thank you so so so so much!!!!!! 

Inspiration Photos



All My Love's

From top eft to right here are the meanings for All My Love's

Ooohhh my favorites:

I am obsessed with shoes - I love my Christian Louboutin heels even though they make me want to cry lol!
Red, white and black Christian Louboutin’s 

I associate Texas with work and shopping
Shopping bags with KB initials on them :)

I enjoy whiskey (bourbon - makers mark)
Makers Mark - love the cap! Perfect for this composition.

Food - Italian food!
Pizza Pie Icon

I have a lot of Kate Spade items: love the girliness of the bows!
RedKate Spade with bow

I enjoy  cigars (opus x and montecristo)
Lady in Polka dot frame smoking a cigar

In PA is where my friends and family are and where I like to go out dancing.
Dance Plaque

I play the Drums
A cute set of drums and another big bow :)

I love New orleans and Jazz
I love Jazz frame

I love cupcakes
Cupcake frame

I love the rodeo and line dancing
Red cowboy hat and boots frame

Dessert - wedding cake haha
Red, black, white polka dot wedding cake w/ red bows

I love Ice cream - Mississippi mud from Baskin Robbins
Ice cream cones in a heart

Daisies are my favorite flower! 
A Pot of daisies in sketch form

Love clothes - especially dresses and skirts! 

Added a similar skirt to the one in your reference photo
I think this makes it!! The top is your dress with the bow in red

I love my dog
…and we have Mr Jax here sitting with his beanie and his mommies
on his bench

LA makes me think of art, food and Music
Which is pretty much what this whole composition is about! :)

If you have an idea for a special project please feel free to contact me. There is never any obligation.

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Turkey Visit's van Gogh's Cafe at Night Fine Art Print by k Madison Moore

Tarkay Visit's van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night

This original painting is sold. However Fine Art Prints  are Available Here

Commission for this image are also averrable in any size and custom sizes.

Friday, February 3, 2017

A Moment in Time, Frida Kahlo Fine Art Print by k Madison Moore

A Moment in Time
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

A scene from the movie "Frida" revised

This painting is sold.
Fine ArtPrints Available Here

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fine Art Greeting Cards by k Madison Moore

Fine Art Greeting Cards
from my
Original Oil Paintings.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The White Owl Painting / Print by k Madison More

The White Owl

This painting is sold
Fine Art Prints are Available Here

Please feel free to contact me with questions or if
you are interested on information about commissions.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Frida Kahlo Print by k Madison Moore

Portrait of Frida in Turquoise Jewelry

This painting is sold
Prints are Available Here

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Another Place for Frida by k Madison Moore - Forever Frida Series

Frida's Place 

Forever Frida Series

16 x 20 x 2 Frida Kahlo oil painting on canvas

Sold - Commission
On it's way to Vienna
Thank you CV

I painted a similar painting to this one many years ago. For this
collector I wanted to use her favorite colors in the peach, pinks and blues.
I changed many things such as the paintings on the wall and curtains
but this was designed off the original painting. This is the fun with repainting.

Collectors can change colors, add personal elements, have any size
they want including custom sizes for a special area where they need a painting
and just about anything else. In the end, every painting is an original.

Did you ever notice that many of The Masters painted and repainted the same
subject matter many times until they were happy with the final composition.
I have done this also many times. They just get better with each one.

If you love a painting that has already been sold and would like a similar
painted, contact me with your ideas.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Memorial Pet Paintings by k Madison Moore


This precious little girl passed away  a couple of months ago.
Her owner was heartbroken and needed portrait of her immediately
to look at every day so she could feel Sarah's presence.

It is so heartbreaking to loose a pet. When I lost my Maxwell I also
did his portrait immediately and it really helped.
Animals are such a blessing from God.

If you have a pet you would like to memorialize
contact me for info.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Portrait of Marilyn Monroe in a Big Pink Hat by k Madison Moore

Portrait of Marilyn Monroe

18 x 18 Marilyn Monroe Oil Painting on Canvas


My Marilyn's sell almost as fast as my Frida's. This one was purchased
by my collectors husband for her birthday to add to her growing collection
below. These are some mine that she has in her Marilyn Collection now.

Thank you Kelly and Devon for continuing to collect.

This is Kelly looking happy with her usual smile.
Happy Birthday Kelly.
So happy you like your new addition.

If you  have an idea for a Marilyn or for any other subject
contact me with your thoughts. Never any obligation.

Prints are being sold HERE

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Portrait of Frida Kahlo by k Madison Moore Pennsylvania Artist

Portrait of Frida in Turquoise Jewelry

Forever Frida Series
16 x 20 Frida Kahlo Oil painting on canvas 

I never get tired of painting Frida. What an inspiration she is to me.
I think about her life and all that she went through and admire her strength.
Such a shame that we had to loose her at the age of 47. I always wonder what 
else she would have accomplished had she lived longer. What would she have 
painted? How would her work evolved over the years?

I was researching Diego Rivera’s paintings and saw a beautiful portrait he painted
with a similar floral background so I was inspired to do a similar for this portrait of Frida.
She loved her jewelry and wore many rings at one time, sometimes on all fingers. I 
wanted to see her in less rings and turquoise jewelry and big, like she loved it!

I decided to use pinks instead of reds and oranges in this piece. I wanted to keep it
on the softer side and I love the turquoise jewelry against the magenta and pink hues.

Hopefully next year I will be adding a lot more to my Forever Frida Series.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Penthouse Nights After Six

After Six Series

Sold Commissions

24 x 36 Oil Painting on Canvas

Thanks again R & C

If you have an idea for a commission project or you want
 a painting that has already been sold, contact me for similar paintings

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Holiday Cards and Prints by k Madison Moore

Holiday Greeting Cards and Prints from My Original Paintings

For 6 cards or more contact me for wholesale prices

Christmas Trees at Night

Happy Holidays

Here Comes Santa Claus

Merry Christmas

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

SINGAPOR, and Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

SINGAPOR, and Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam we not have your ID and you will be hearing from our International attorneys.



Artists on the internet have their photos stolen all the time.

Most people that are doing this are stealing for personal gain and are trying to have prints reproduced to sell in their own countries.

This is to notify you that all photos of paintings on this 
sites are copywritten under USA and Foreign Copyright Laws. Art Theft is a Crime!!

We have implemented new software into all of my sites and blogs that will automatically pick up your IP Addresses and websites for copying, right clicking, downloading and tis will be considered art theft. If you are stealing my art your IP address will automatically be reported to the copyright bureaus and then will be forwarded to our USA / International copyright lawyers depending on what country you are in.

You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Frida Kahlo Christmas 2016 by k Madison Moore Fine Art

Something special for my Frida Kahlo Collectors and fans for the
holiday season. This is a beautiful Frida Print with vibrant colors 
that brings this piece to life. This print features a Christmas Portrait
of Frida Kahlo from my personal Private Collection and has never been 
seen before. This is the first time I am releasing the image for prints and
holiday cards.

From my Original Oil Painting Frida Kahlo Christmas 
Inspired by : Frida Kahlo
Series: Forever Frida

Prints in various Sizes, Cards
Cards in various sizes with your choice of envelope color
Butterfly sticker included
Framed Prints (limited)

Contact me for your Frida commissions

 Visit my shop for details and closer views

Please feel free to email me with questions or ideas.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Frida's Bedroom, Frida Kahlo Mexican Art Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Frida’s Bedroom

Forever Frida Series


16 x 20  Frida Kahlo  Oil Painting on canvas

Frida underwent approximately 35 surgeries in her life due to a severe accident, polio and spina bifida. She eventually regained her ability to walk but suffered great and chronic pain her entire life.

She was often bedridden for months. There is a mirror under the canopy of her bed where she spent months painting in bed from a special earl that her father made for her. She painted mostly self portraits since she spent most of her time alone.

“I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”

~ Frida Kahlo~

This was so interesting to do.  Frida’s room was so cold feeling that I just wanted to give her a new room. This is what I would do for her if she was here now. I added her prosthesis leg and her shoe and 
a pair of crutches. She smoked a lot so the little ash tray with the cigarette is a symbol of her being here.

 It was fun doing the lace spread on the bed and is very similar to hers. A few bright colored fluffy pillows, a happy vase full of flowers and a cozy rug brightens up her oh so dull room. A bright yellow chair I think would help make her darker days brighter.

The hand motif in Mexican jewelry increased after Pablo Picasso's gift of the silver hand-shaped earrings to Frida Kahlo in the 1940's. She painted herself in them many times. Just thought it would be  interesting to have a  symbol of the hand for her. Many Mexican artisans make beautiful hand-shaped earrings inspired by Frida’s hand earring from Picasso. I am on the hunt for a great pair for myself.

Frida's Bed

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