Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Original Art for Baby Rooms, Baby Shower Gifts, Animal Art, Baby's Special Friends by k Madison Moore

Baby's Special Friends

A Special Gift for Special friends
Commissions Available for Similar Concepts

Animal Portraits Series
16 x 20 Baby Art Oil Painting on Canvas

I framed this painting with a High Gloss White Lacquer Floater Frame
I love the way the channel between the edge of the painting and the inside edge
of the frame makes the painting look like it is floating.
Many colors available

This was a special gift for a special friend who is a Veterinarian. Last October I lost my sweet
pet cat Russian Blue named Maxwell at 17 years old. My vet took such great care of him. In
December I was till broken hearted and when Andrew ( my Vet) heard this he got me another
beautiful baby Russian immediately that we named Pita or Petee.

When I found out that he and his wife were expecting I wanted to show my gratitude so I painted this
for their new son Hudson. They loved it! The title of their's is "Hudson's Special Friends." You can see his name 
across the book that the little owl on the crib is holding. I can personalize yours with any name you want and 
anywhere you want within the print.

Cards with Matts are also available upon request.
Thank You Cards, Place Cards and other printed
items available upon request.

This makes a great gift for a Baby Shower. Maybe along with a box of 6 Matted Print Cards??

Fine Art Giclee Print
From the Original Oil Painting by k. Madison Moore

Printed on High quality heavyweight Epson Matte paper with Genuine Archival Epson Inks.
Signed on the image in gold ink
Ships mounted flat on  white board

Printed on 13" x 19" High quality heavyweight Epson Matte paper with Genuine Archival Epson Inks.
Signed with Gold ink on the image.
Ships mounted flat on 16x20  white board

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - Shipped rolled in a tube via USPS First Class International mail.

I paint in a wide variety of styles and subject matter. I invite you to visit me:

Please feel free to email me with questions.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” ~ Pablo Picasso

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Frida's Magnolias Oil Painting on Canvas by k Madison Moore

Frida’s Magnolias

Forever Frida Series

14 x 18 Frida Kahlo Oil Painting on Canvas


Frida's Magnolia / Floral Painting

This is another dream. I was researching Frida and found this lovely 
painting she created of Magnolias and other flowers. That night I had a
dream of Frida surrounded by Magnolias and wearing her arrangement
in her painting as a headpiece.  Went to my studio early am and started 
right in and this is what evolved. Love it when things like this happen.

There are so many meanings for the representation of the Magnolia that can refer to Frida. Maybe that is why she favored them. Here are a few.

The Pear Cactus Flower is a representation of life and death existing in many of Frida Kahlo's paintings. Also in the right of the flower arrangement there is a open calla lily which is not very obvious at all. The artist put it there most likely because calla lily is the favorite color of her husband Diego Rivera and it showed up in lots of Diego's paintings.

The Magnolia Tree was named after a French Botanist Pierre Magnolia in the 1600’s. The scent of the flower depend on which variety of Magnolia is used. Each color leads to a different meaning.  The White Magnolia Flowers stand for purity and perfection.

During the Victorian times, the magnolia flowers symbolized dignity, nobility, poise, and pride. 

The strength of its bloom is also symbolic of self-respect and self-esteem.

 Since these flowers represent durability, strength of character, and bearing, they are widely used in weddings.

 Magnolias are also associated with the life force and therefore can be sent over on the occasion of birth.

 These flowers also represent a love of nature.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Melodies at Night Waltz Dance Paintings by k Madison Moore

Melodies at Night  I and II

Dance Paintings Series

20 x 48 Dance Oil Painting on Canvas

Sold Commission

 Melodies at Night

Melodies at Night II

After Six

Dance by The Light of The Moon

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Glowing Pink Nude Oil Paintings by k Madison Moore Lost in My Dreams

Lost in My dreams
©k Madison Moore


Emotions in Color Series

24" x 30" Pink Nude Oil Painting on Canvas

This is kind of a sister painting the the nude Painting I posted yesterday.
It is obviously for the same collector. They love this pink and my use of 
light so now they have two beautiful, classy, glowing pink nude paintings
to their growing collection.

Thank you Ralph and Caryn

If you have an idea for a painting that you would like to see
come to life, email me :)


Visions of Beauty Pink Nude Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Visions of Beauty
©kMadison Moore


Emotions in Color Series

30" x 30" Fine Art Floral Nude Oil Painting on Canvas

My collector loved is first floral nude that I painted for him ( below) so much
that he commissioned me to paint another. I don't know which one I like better.
The pink has really grown on me now so I have a few more pink nudes that 
I will be  painting soon. 

If you have an idea for a painting that you would like to see
come to life, email me :)


Broken Dreams
Inspired by Loni's Anderson's Turquoise Necklace
Gift from Burt Reynolds

A beautiful but sad story

Don't forget to mention the painting tiles you are interested in.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

It's Bitsy's Birthday, Cats in Clothes Paintings by k Madison Moore

Bitsy’s Birthday

Bitsy is a year old today so her Mom dressed her
in her favorite color, red. Bitsy loves scottie dogs
so this is a special outfit her. Her little checkered
accessories and hat complete her special look.
Happy Birthday Bitsy

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” ~Charles Dickens

Cats in Clothes Paintings Series

6 x 8 Cat Portrait Oil Painting on Canvas

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cat Portraits, Cats in Clothes Paintings, Audrey by k Madison Moore

© k.Madison Moore

I painted this one with Audrey Hepburn in mind.
She was so prissy and feminine but so classy 
as well. I love white persians and their expressions.
The classic black and white dress with a touch of
 pink and big plumed hat was just perfect for my
snooty but cutie Audry.

Cats in Clothes Paintings Series

6 x 8 Cat Portrait Oil Painting on Canvas

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” ~Charles Dickens

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cat Portrait Cats in Clothes Painting Baseball Morris Gets Serious by k Madison Moore

Morris Gets Serious 
© k.Madison Moore

Morris gets very serious when he puts his Phillies
clothes on. He always wears them to the games
for good luck. He will smile only the the Philles win.
Watch for Morris again, maybe with a smile next time!

Cats in Clothes Paintings Series

6 x 8 Cat Portrait Oil Painting on Canvas

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Cats in Clothes PaintingsSeries Keepin My Eye on That Ball by k Madison Moore

Keepin My Eye on That Ball!!

© k.Madison Moore

The last time Joe went to the game he missed the
winning play when he got distracted.
This time he's not missing a thing!

Cats in Clothes Paintings Series


6 x 8 Cat Portrait Oil Painting on Canvas

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