Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Bulldog in Clothes Oil painting by k Madison Moore

Dr Bentley Bulldog the Veterinarian
The Hipster Animal Gang

Dr Bentley Bulldog is a Veterinarian just like his Dad.
He is so proud of himself to be such a great vet like his Dad.
His Dad is proud of him too and loves working with him at the

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Great Dane Hipster Animal in Clothes by k Madison Moore

Great Dane Dog Art Print
The Hipster Animal Gang

Keven is a Great Dane puppy only about a year old.
He may still be a kid but he is huge and so much bigger than
his brothers. He likes to run with his Mom and his two brothers
but has a habit of running off. His Mom dresses him in bright color 
clothes so she can see him at all times.

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This was a commission. If you would like to see your pet painted in
clothes, Please feel free to contact me for info.
I also do memorial paintings for those who's pets have passed.

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