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Lovers Lane - Bella My Love Forever / Painting Inspired by Marc Chagall by k Madison Moore

Lovers Lane - Bella My Love Forever

Painting with The Masters Series

12 x 22 x 2 Marc Chagall Lovers Oil Painting on Canvas

I remember seeing Marc Chagall at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the 80’s. I fell  
in love right there. I kept feeling the urge to touch the paintings. They drew me in. The canvases  were huge, romantically lit and full of emotion and passion. I had a head set 
 on explaining each painting as we moved through the exhibit. I was overwhelmed with inspiration and had tears in my eyes at the end of the exhibit. That week, 
I saw the exhibit four times.

Marc’s love for Bella is a true love story and will surely be one of the best.  She was his muse and inspired him forever even after her death. This painting is all about Bella and Marc and portrays how they felt about each other.  Excerpts are my impressions of  
 Marc and Bella from his work as they float through Lovers Lane.

Marc Zakharovich Chagall  6 July 24 June] 1887 – 28 March 1985) was a Russian French Artist- An early modernist, he was associated with several major artistic styles and created works in virtually every artistic medium, including painting, book illustrations, stained glass, stage sets, ceramic, tapestries and fine art prints.

After he married Bella the lovers  sought each other, embraced, caressed, floated through the air, met in wreaths of flowers and loved each other for life.

Bella swiftly became Marc’s muse and continued to visit his canvases for the rest of his life. Famously,  he often depicted himself and Bella flying together, as if their shared joy had such physical force it countermanded the law of gravity itself. 

The Blue Sky in this painting represents the color of Mar’s eyes:

Bella’s influence never went away – it permeated everything he did even 20 years after her death. In her memoirs, Bella wrote of their first meeting: “I was surprised at his eyes, they were so blue as the sky … I’m lowering my eyes. Nobody is saying anything. We both feel our hearts beating.”

Until her death, Bella appeared in some of his most famous works, including “Bella with White Collar,” 1917 which is in the back ground of this painting nearest to the blue sky.
Though Chagall remarried in 1952, his second wife, Valentina Brodsky, rarely appeared in his work, and Bella continued to act as his “Inspirer”—his lifelong muse.

This is a beautiful video of Marc and Bella

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