Monday, November 29, 2010

Romancing Picasso, Picasso Painting, by k Madison Moore

Romancing Picasso

14 x 18 Art within Art Oil Painting on Canvas


Painting within Painting

Art within Art Series


Anonymous said...

This really catches your eye w/all the colors & the incredible detail. Beautiful. RK

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks so much Rose.

Anonymous said...

hello, i was wondering when did u paint it?

k Madison Moore said...

That's a curious question?
2010 is the answer.

Anonymous said...

Is this a copy of an original Picasso? Or, is this an original by you? If it is a copy what is the title of the original Picasso this was copied from.

k Madison Moore said...

I just answered your email but will say again.
"My Vision is not to copy the Masters but is a Homage to them for My Inspirations" as stated on all of my sites.

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