Monday, November 29, 2010

"Kandinsky Wine Label Oil Painting, Wine Painting, by k Madison Moore

Kandinsky Wine Label Painting

11 x 14 Oil Painting on Canvas


Connoisseur Wine Masters Series


Mary said...

I like the glass showing through glass. I'm a blue fan too!

k Madison Moore said...

I can tell! LOL!
Thank again.

Anonymous said...

The colors caught my attention & the reflections made me linger. RK

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks so much Rose. Another fun painting to do!'<:)

Jesse Brown said...

You know, there is something extraordinary with your blue paintings. I have had a chance to look through a large portion of the paintings you have posted, and you have an extraordinary touch when you have blue as part of the theme of the painting. By the way, your work is great overall, but I feel like blue is something extra special for you. I feel like that about my own work when I work in black and white and/or line drawings. Outstanding.

k Madison Moore said...

That is interesting Jessie. Blue is not something I use a lot accept in my Blue Nudes. I have nothing in my house that its blue and very rarely wear the color, so it is interesting that you say this. humm...!
Thanks for the always great comments

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