Friday, December 9, 2011

Giclee Art Gift Cards on Canvas by k Madison Moore

I am reposting this becasue I totally blew it in the last post.
  I had two of the same painting , then two
with the same title. UGH! Tired people make mistakes..
Thats all I can say! 
Thanks to all of you who have supported this project
with your purchases.
Happy Holidays
Giclee Art Gift Cards on Canvas

My Art Gift Cards Package is a Great Original Gift
for your Boss, Secretary, Doctor or anyone special
that you need a small gift for.

This is what is included in your package.

Each Gift Card includes a removable print
on canvas from the card front. On the inside
card there is a short Bio on The Master that
the painting was created after from my
Painting with The Masters Art within Art Series
and is also laminated.
All prints are from my original paintings from 2011.

The Mini Prints can be framed and matted to make
a larger print and the Masters Insert Card may be
mounted on the back for reference.

You will also receive two free laminated book
markers with miniature photos from the
Art within Art Series.

Each print is approx. 3.5 " x 5.5"
and signed by the artist. The middle photo above
displays how you will receive your Art Gift
Card Package enclosed in a neat cello envelope.
You will also receive a six page brochure
about your Art Card. This includes all info
about your Art Card, Giclee Prints, Your Print,
About The Artist and more...
A Nice, Neat, Fun, Original Gift for someone special.

Your choice of these 9 Art Gift Cards

Your choice of these 9 Art Gift Cards
1 Card - 15.00 + 2.00 USA Shipping
3- Cards 15.00 (each) +  Free USA Shipping
6 Cards or more - 75.00 + Free USA Shipping
8 Cards - 100.00 +  Free USA Shipping
and Free Peters Piano
( 9 Cards Complete)

Contact me for International Shipping Rates
and quotes for quantity

Email Me Here for questions or to place your order.
Don't forget to mention titles and quantity

Visit My Portfolio

Examples of How you Can Frame
Your Art Card

 Giclee Prints- Fine Art Digital Prints made on ink-jet printers. The name originally applied to fine art prints created on IRIS printers in a process invented in the late 1980s but has since come to mean any high quality ink-jet print and is often used by artist, galleries, and print shops to denote such prints.


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