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Copenhagen Show Off the Wall Exhibit by k Madison Moore

Copenhagen Off The Wall Exhibit
©kMadisonMoore Fine Art Inc. 2014

40" x 50" Oil on Canvas
Contemporary Black and White Oil Painting


Last August I was requested to do a collaboration with a sculptor
in Copenhagen for an Exhibit in March in Copenhagen.

The painting on the wall was in part designed by her  in addition to
my creative efforts. She wanted the painting placed in a very contemporary room
painted in black and white. The show was in a very industrial scene
with concrete floors. In the photos below she placed the painting behind
the bench that she designed that is also in the wall painting. The painting
as the centerpiece for the show.

Thanks so much Merete Slynborg for the great collaboration and show.

The exhibition The Black Hand focuses on design, interiors and spacious shift in an exhibition context and the trend mechanisms that are at play in this regard. I wish to look at how concepts such as taste, trends and tendencies emerge and position themselves, as well as why some aesthetics are transient, while others remain. Through painting, digital print and sculpture, I want to place different styles and trends in contemporary works of art together with classical art historical references embedded in long cultural traditions and thereby erase the hierarchical boundaries, which usually differs crafts, contemporary art and design.
The painting (no title yet) is for me about artistic collaboration and exchanges between artists as well as it is an interest in the documentation of earlier works and how to work with space two dimensional. The work must also be seen as a historical interest in interior design as well as a study of the personal artistic expression.

Apart from the painting which I consider as the focal point of the exhibition. One of the gallery walls will be painted based on a series of studies of the gallery wall and the history of framing art works. The work takes its inspiration from the painter Giovanni Paolo Panini (1691 -1765) who made an extra spacious dimension of the representation of the exhibition space with painted walls covered with paintings, and Erich Buchholzs (1891-1972) geometric prints, producing his "studio" as a two-dimensional spacious surface. The work becomes a commentary on past thoughts and expressions as well as the movement in looking back. The wall will serve as a work in itself as well as a form of "natural" framing for two framed works.

The two framed works are digital prints. One with the interview The hopes and fear of a whole society are Reflected in the cut of a dress. It is a dialogue between the Danish curator Mette Woller, trend researcher Dr. Maria Mackinney-Valentin and me. Mackinney-Valentin research into consumer behaviour in relation to the status and representation in fashion. The other work is a framed photo of the original photo of the mural at Grimmuesum, Berlin.
The last work in the exhibition Loop Stand is an interpretation of the Danish design company HAY's Loop stand table which is a modern rebirth and development of the classic wooden table stand. The work is in paper clay and glazed red. There will only be produced one version and it will serve as an amputated sculptural comment on the modern classics and our common awareness of good taste as well as the financial aspect of this.

Merete Slynborg

Excerpts from the interview “The Hopes and Fears of a Whole Society are Reflected in the Cut of a Dress” with Dr. Maria Mackinney-Valentin, who holds an M.A. In literature from the University of Copenhagen and a Ph.D. in Trend Studies from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Copenhagen. The interview is structured by Merete Vyff Slyngborg and art historian Mette Woller and was first published in the catalog MOTION DAZZLE, 2013

OK Corral, Malttorvet 2, 1799 K√łbenhavn V
A Note from Merete

A lot of people have been asking about the painting and I think it made the whole show come together. I choose to hang it on the largest wall on it's own so that it would give the feeling of a center piece, when you walk in the room. The room is kind of rough with concrete floor and very industrial, and I think it gives a nice contrast to the painting and the interior motif. Hope you like it as much as I do.

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