Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hotel Window Painting of Interior by k Madison Moore Inspired by Edward Hopper

Hotel Window
Inspired by Edward Hopper

22 x 30 Oil Painting of Interior on Canvas

Sold - Commission
On it's way to England
Thank you Eleanore

My collector was so great to work with. She gave me a list of ideas, colors and elements to make this composition hers. Hotel Window is her favorite painting by Edward Hopper. She shared several ideas with me and made it so much easier for me to design for her.
This painting projects how a room can be changed to reflect your favorite things or even a fantasy. Do you have a room in your house that you would like painted with all the elements you want and even paintings from the Masters hanging on your walls. If so, email me with your ideas and photos of your room.

Hopper’s evocative exploration of the theme of isolation in American urban life in the 20th Century. Depicting an elegantly dressed older woman seated on a navy couch in an anonymous hotel lobby staring absently out of a darkened window, the large-scale (40 by 55 in.) canvas expresses the loneliness and alienation that defined not only a certain aspect of American experience, but also, in the artist’s phrase, the “whole human condition”.  The pre-sale estimate is $10 to 15 million. Edward Hopper’s “Hotel Window” sold for $26.8 million
The stark light, spare setting and lone female figure create an atmosphere of unease and emptiness which characterized this genre’s particular brand of human disconnection.  Self-imposed solitude, the result of the individual’s disappointment in human interaction, was a societal ill that defined the American experience as depicted by both Hopper and the auteurs of contemporary fiction and film.  Hopper’s interest is not in telling a story, however, it is in the single image and its evocative possibilities”.
Of Hotel Window Edward Hopper himself wrote: “It’s nothing accurate at all, just an improvisation of things I’ve seen.  It’s no particular hotel lobby, but many times I’ve walked through the Thirties from Broadway to Fifth Avenue and there are a lot of cheesy hotels there.  That probably suggested it.  Lonely?  Yes, I guess it’s lonelier than I planned it really.”
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k Madison Moore said...

To Anonymous who just sent me a post about the title here......If you read the post this was a commission project and this is what the collector wanted. As long as she was happy, that is all that matters to me. Thank you for your comment.

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