Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eavesdropping - Henri Matisse Inspired Interior Painting by k Madison Moore

Inspired by Henri Matisse


 Painting with The Masters 
Art within Art Series

14 x 18 Interior Oil Painting on Canvas

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I had this idea in my head of my Big Hat Ladies
having an afternoon conversation over drinks, when
I thought about Matisse's painting,  La Conversation
that he painted in 1938. 
I thought it would be great with this composition
because the ladies look like they are eavesdropping
on the party. Notice I even included them by giving
them their own drinks, lol!
Matisse is known for mixing many patterns in one 
composition. I love doing this also because it's a challenge.
He not only mixed patterns but many colors together
that you would probably never think of using or would
not want to use together!
It's hard to do but I think I accomplished it here in giving
each lady their own color combinations. Somehow it
always seems to work out. Love the faces I gave them this
time too! So smirky!

La Conversation by Henri Matisse 1938

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