Friday, April 19, 2013

Klimt Meets Matisse Interior Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Klimt Meets Matisse


18 x 24 Interior Oil Painting on Canvas

Sold - Commission

This painting just arrived to it's new home in Spain
Thanks so much Lourdes.

My collector loved my painting "Melodies of Klimt"
but it was already sold so I repainted a similar. She likes the
lady in one of Matisse's paintings, Woman in a Purple Robe
so I used her instead of the lady in the original. 

I added red to the robe and touches of purple to the painting
to pull it all together. I also added Matisse's big yellow pillow
and flowers and changed her face. So now I call this one 
Klimt Meets Matisse
and I love the idea and the way it all worked out. Best of all the
 collector is happy!
What fun inspirations from two great Masters!
I will be doing this again.

If you are interested in a painting that has been sold
contact me about similar paintings in any size you wish.

Woman in a Purple Robe - Henri Matisse

Original Melodies of Klimt 11 x 14

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