Saturday, May 4, 2013

Interior Painting Inspired by Vogue The Art Deco Shop 1920 by k Madison Moore

The Art Deco Shop
Inspired by Vogue


I found a bunch of old Vogue Magazines that were given
to me a very long time ago. Being an admirer of fashion,
especially from the Art Deco period, they immediately
inspired a few new ideas for paintings. This is the first.

I could just see me standing outside this shop looking at
all the wonderful collections from that period, maybe
deciding what I want to make my own? Maybe a  great
pair of emerald green gloves, a perfume bottle or a jade

I did a couple of close ups so you could see the great
blue hate she is wearing. It kind of blends in with the
background in the photo but not in hand. Love the 
shape of it and her oval bag. They had such style then!

Art within Art Series

11 x 14 Interior Oil Painting on Canvas

Vogue is an American fashion and lifestyle magazine that is published monthly in 23 national and regional editions by  Conde Nast.

Vogue was described by book critic Caroline Weber in The New York Times in December 2006 as "the world's most influential fashion magazine":[8]
Vogue’s wide-reaching influence stems from various sources, including the persona and achievements of its most famous editor, its various charitable and community projects, its ability to reflect political discourse through fashion and editorial articles, and its move to emerging economies.
Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, is widely credited as being one of the most influential figures in the global fashion industry, with the power to make or break a designer’s career. "Wintour's" approval can signal a commercial career for designers via investors who need a nod from a big gun like her to get their cheque books out,” says stylist Sharmadean Reid.Marc Jacobs was one such designer, being recommended by Wintour for the top job at Louis Vuitton in 1997.

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