Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Warhol and His Marilyn's by k Madison Moore Museum Interior Painting

Warhol's Marilyn


 Art Museum Collection Series
 22 x 22 Oil Painting on Canvas
Inspired by Andy Warhol

Sold - Commission
Thank you Christina

I painted a very small similar painting many 
years ago. This one was so much nicer as I
had more room to work details being so much
larger. My collector just loves Marilyn and has
this along with another of mine, Picasso, hanging
in her living room behind a bright red sofa and
 looks Great!

I have another idea for a multiple Marilyn painting
that I will be painting soon. Excited about this one!
Warhol loved to paint in multiples with his paintings
of soup, actors, Marilyn and many others. 

Warhol and His Marilyn's

The Marilyn Diptych  1962 is a silkscreen  paintings by American Pop Artist Andy Warhol.
History and analysis
The work was completed during the weeks after Marilyn Monroe's death in August 1962. It contains fifty images of the actress, which are all based on a single publicity photograph from the film Niagara (1953).
The twenty-five pictures on the left side of the diptych are brightly colored, while the twenty-five on the right are in black and white. It has been suggested that the relation between the left side of the canvas and the right side of the canvas is evocative of the relation between the celebrity's life and death.
The piece is currently owned by the  Tate. In a December 2, 2004 article in  The Guardian, the painting was named the third most influential piece of modern art in a survey of 500 artists, critics, and others.

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