Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vogue's Fashion Night Out Art Deco Painting by k Madison Moore

Vogue's Fashion Night Out

Inspired by Vogue and The Art Deco Fashion Period

Art Deco Wine Series 

On it's way to Hollywood CA

14 x 18 Art Deco Oil Painting on Canvas

I have had tis one designed for so long and finally
took the time to paint it. It took so long to do all the
great details because this is a larger size and there
were so many figures. Sometimes you can almost
give them names after working on them for so long.
It's fun to see the sketch of a figure come to life in

I'm sure every one knows how fond I am of the
Art Deco period and especially the fashion. In
those days it was hard to beat Vogue, so I am always
very inspired by them and their vintage publications.

I especially love how they use their clout or good causes
and charity.

Vogue's Fashion Night Out

I just received a lovely comment about this painting and wanted to share. Thanks so much Heather.

 So much detail -really love this painting.  -all the ladies in their beautiful evening wear look gorgeous.  From a 'fashion' point of view I'm quite   sure if  a designer  sees the evening gowns on display in this painting, he/she will be very impressed.

Hope this email finds both you and yr hubby in the best of health and spirits.

Warm rgds,

Vogue also uses its industry clout for good causes, most recently with the Fashion Night Out annual event. Also the brainchild of Wintour, FNO was launched in 2009 to kick start the economy by encouraging people to start spending money again. The proceeds of sales on the night go towards various charitable causes. The event is co-hosted by Vogue publications in 27 cities around the US and 15 countries worldwide, and from 2011 will include online retailers.

Vogue uses fashion, editorial and community projects to raise awareness of issues on the current political agenda. The burqa, for instance, made an appearance in a fashion spread in Voguein 2006 and the publication has featured articles on prominent Muslim women, their approach to fashion and the effect of different cultures on fashion and women’s lives. In the “Beauty Without Borders” initiative, Vogue sponsored a project to teach beauty skills to Afghan women.[

Another way in which Vogue exerts its influence is by starting new titles in emerging economies such as Russia. Started in 1998, Vogue Russia has set about introducing Russian women to a new world of fashion and opportunities in a post-Socialist society. When Vogue starts a new title in an emerging economy, it indicates that the society has undergone, “a change in the politics of style, imagery, gender representations, and consumption practices.

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