Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Letter, Oil Painting Inspired by Matisse, by k Madison Moore

The Letter
Inspired by Henri Matisse


11 x 14 Oil Painting on Canvas

Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series


I so wish the colors showed better on the net!
I hear so many times how much better my paintings are in hand.
Then every monitor is different as well. Not to mention that I wish
I had more talent in the area of photography.
The colors a hues of pinks, coral, shrimp, peach, lavenders
are really so pretty together in this painting. You know how much
I love Matisse for his mixing of colors and patterns.
The nude is in basic form of one of Henri's nudes but with a 
totally different face. The window, curtains and scene is 
is my take on elements from his paintings as well as
the table, chair and still life. This is a great combination
of my impression of Matisse.

Is she sleeping or is she in deep thought?
humm......wonder what's in that letter?
What do you think?

Henri Matisse
Birth Year :1869
Death Year :1954
Country :France

Henri Matisse was born in Le Chateau, in the north of France. His plans to enter the law profession were interrupted by an attack of appendicitis. During a long convalescence, Matisse 's attempts at painting encouraged him to study art. He was twenty-two when he arrived in Paris to study with Bourgereau at the Beaux-Arts and to work also with Gustave Moreau. Matisse 's early paintings were dark, naturalistic works, but by 1896 he had taken up Neo-Impressionist techniques, working in light color and short strokes. By 1905, he was the leader of the Fauve movement, and by 1908 he had embarked on the course that was to influence all contemporary painting since that date: an exploration of the possibilities of painting as a decorative and sensuous art.


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