Friday, February 3, 2012

Inspired by Gustave Klimt, A Kiss for The Tree of Life by k Madison Moore

A Kiss for The Tree of Life
Inspired by Gustav Klimt


11 x 14 Oil Painting on Canvas

Painting with The Masters
Art within Art  Series


I love to paint with Klimt but when I do the paintings
are endless and take so much time. He used so many
symbols and swirls and blocks of color. It takes many
sittings with drying in between and layers of glazes
to complete on of these paintings.

The Tree of Life was a very significant  painting of
his as well as The Kiss that I though it would be great
to combine my impression of his tow works into one
I guess they will cuddle under that fluffy cover after
that kiss!

 Gustav Klimt was an Austrian painter known for painted erotic and romantic images in most of his paintings. However, he also did other paintings of landscapes and nature. Gustav Klimt’s tree of life depicts this same tree, with significant features on it. It connects the three worlds surrounding man; those are The Underworld, The Earth, and The Heavens. Its roots are deep into the earth, probably signifying that for life to be sustained, Mother Nature must be involved. The roots then come up to the aboveground and meet into forming the tree’s trunk that is on the earth. The tree’s branches extent to the heavens. In the history of man, The Tree of Life has had a significant meaning. It has been linked with several religious practices and traditions, depicting the source and sustenance of man’s life.
The klimt tree of life has been around forever it’s a spiritual tradition symbolizing life with its roots embedded in the earth and its top going to heaven. The tree is a symbol to many faiths of wisdom, rebirth, love, strength, friendship, redemption, and encouragement. Many artists will represent the tree of life differently. Some will just show the tree alone, some may show the tree with objects in it, yet others may show a tree with a background. All these objects in and around the tree represent many different things to many different people and artists. So for some it is not only a tree of life but how to live life.
Klimt Gustav painted Tree of Life, during his Golden Era as seen by the extensive use of the golden color on this piece. It has had thousands of different interpretations, but all of them still tend to agree that this tree has all to do with man’s living.
There is also the belief that the Tree of Life represents distinct virtues as well as qualities that an individual can possess. This includes wisdom, strength and even beauty. The religious aspect of the tree is that it represents the Creator and the tree can be applied to symbolize the creation of humans. It also represents a growth of a human. A person can have roots to their home after which will branch out to do other things with their life and new people. The trunk, in this analogy, represents the mind as well as the body with the individual, which connects almost everything together.

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Adventures in Daily Painting said...

Wonderful painting Madison! I just love it!

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks so much Marina. M :)

padmaja said...

As fabulous as it can get.. love the magic you create always Madison!

k Madison Moore said...

Thank you so much Padmaja. You always leave such beautiful comments for me. So inspiring. Thanks so much.
M :)

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