Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Inspired by Matisse, Her Ship in The Night by k Madison Moore

Her Ship in The Night
Inspired by Matisse


11 x 14 Oil Painting on Canvas

Art within Art Series

The fun part of working with Matisse
is mixing patterns. He used so many
patterns and brilliant colors in one painting.
It can  get confusing at times.
I have used this Matisse model a few times.
I think it is one of my favorites because of
it's simplicity.
The table is set and the wine is poured
so I wonder who is on that ship?

Matisse and His Models

The French expression for thunderbolt—coup de foudre—means “love at first sight,” with all the undertones of violence and risk that were an intrinsic part of Matisse’s passion for painting. Anxiety and dread hung over his studio sessions. Toward the end of his life he told an interviewer that each canvas began as a flirtation and ended up as a rape. He said it was himself, not his subject—or rather it was the feelings his subject aroused in him—that had to be raped. The subject itself could be fruit, flowers or a fabric screen, as often as a human sitter. The young women who posed for him all learned to live and work in the atmosphere of almost unbearable tension generated by Matisse’s effort to express his emotions on canvas—an effort that drained all his strength.
Matisse himself knew perfectly well that the erotic charge in his work came from a passionate desire that overrode straightforward lust. It was painting itself that seduced him over and over again with each fresh canvas. In old age when he was too weak to stand all day at the easel, he feared going blind as well “because of having flirted for too long . . . with these enchanted colors.”
All his life Matisse drove his models as well as himself to the limits of endurance. He insisted it was better to risk ruining a painting than be satisfied with a surface likeness. It’s always necessary to force your whole being beyond this stage, he told his daughter, Marguerite, because it’s only then that you start to make discoveries, and tear yourself apart in the process.


Chrisy said...

Love love love....my fantasy made reality!

Madison Moore said...

Thanks Chrisy. Happy this made your fantasy a reality! lol! M :)

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