Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meant to be! Mondrain by k Madison Moore

"Everything Primary" - After Mondrain

  Meant to be!!

Some things are just meant to be!!

I really believe that some things are just meant to be!
I have a new collector from Beverly Hills who found my painting "Everything Primary"
after Mondreain and purchased it. The funny thing is that when I researched for this painting,in trying
to find all Mondrain objects for it, I found these great sneakers. Who would have 
thought that the collector would actually own those sneakers! How funny!
He was so nice to take a photo of them with the painting.
I thought this would make a fun post and wanted to share.
Thanks James!

If you have a pair of favorite sneakers or shoes that you would like
to have painted contact Me with details!


padmaja said...

Loved the synchronicity and the art behind it!

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks for stopping by again Padmaja.
I thought it was so cool!
Some things are meant to be!

Anonymous said...

This really caught my eye. Another wonderful work of art. RK

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks RK

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