Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Napping at a Matisse Place, Matisse painting by k Madison Moore

Napping at a Matisse Place

(click on the image for a closer view)

11 x 14 Oil Painting on Canvas 


Art within Art

This was such a fun painting.  Just browsing through all the Matisse paintings to come up with one
design idea brings so much joy. This painting is a room full of Matisse. It is a combination of 6 Matisse works. The flooring is a design that he uses in many of his pieces, the table setting and wall paper is from two others as well as the little sleeping lady from yet another and of course the three paintings are small renditions of his works. I never really know where they are going until I start sketching elements for all the different paintings and it starts coming together....with a lot of erasing! 
I don't think I would be sleeping if I was in a room full of Matisse.... Napping at a Matisee Place was
a fun place to be!

 Henri Matisse was born at Le Cateau-Cambrésis in the North of France on December 31, 1869. His parents, Emile Matisse and Héloise Gérars, had a general store selling household goods and seed. Henri planned on a legal career, and in 1887/88 studied law in Paris, in 1889 he was employed as a clerk in a solicitor’s office. It was in 1890 that he was first attracted to painting. Confined to his bed for nearly a year (1890) after an intestinal operation, he chose drawing as a pastime. Then the hobby took best of him and he decided for the painting career.
            The long years of learning followed: in 1891 Matisse studied under Bouguereau at the Académie Julian, and in 1892 transferred unofficially to Gustave Moreau’s studio at the Ecole Beaux-Arts, where he met Marquet, at the same time attending the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs. 


Mary said...

I love the depth you achieved in this one!

Madison Moore said...

It was fun too!

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