Monday, March 21, 2011

Madison and AUAM Featured Digital Artist Daily

Digital Artist Daily Feature - Kitchen Art
Art Under A Monkey and k Madison Moore Artist

What a nice Feature! Another surprise for this week!
Susan from Art Under A Monkey - UK has been
working  hard to promote her unique line of Kitchen
Art Original Paintings. Digital Artist Daily surprised
us with this really nice article.  7 of My Huge
Still Life Paintings are Featured in AUAM
Kitchen Art Ad. Thanks Susan.
If you may be interested in these paintings
please contact AUAM link below. 
I thought you might want to see close ups
of these paintings. If you have
an idea for a Kitchen Art Painting for your
kitchen large, medium or small contact

Colmans Mustard

Golden's Syrup
16 x 20 

It’s an oft-overlooked genre now, but back in the 17th Century kitchen subjects were all the rage, especially in the northern European countries that spawned the style and in Spain, the nation that gave the earthy, foody still life genre its name – bodegon painting. Less prissy and decorative than traditional still life or vanitas, the genre wedded realism to classical motifs and a practical, pragmatic subject matter. Now affordable art site Art Under a Monkey (named for the fact that all of the art on the site is under £500, or a ‘monkey’ in London marketplace slang) has introduced a range of paintings specifically for the kitchen. So what exactly is it?
Well, if you imagine Warhol crossed with Zurburan you might just be onto something – Marmite jars, Golden Syrup tins and baked beans take on the iconic mantle of a Campbell’s soup can (you can get one of those as well) alongside semi-abstracts of sweets, cakes and cutlery. Created in oil on canvas or panel, they feel a bit more visceral than the common or garden Pop Art print. It’s certainly an intriguing idea and could potentially spark all sorts of theories on the changing role of the kitchen in 21st Century society, but as it’s a Friday I’ll spare you my cultural anthropology musings!
One thing though: I don’t know about you, but my kitchen is a shrine to the stereotypical – the ubiquitous Keep Calm and Carry On poster, some folksy ceramics and a Jurassic 5 album sleeve blu-tacced to the fridge is about as artistic as I get.   Take a look at Art Under a Monkey’s kitchen range by visiting the website here and navigating to Search Art Gallery, then use the drop-down Subject menu to select Art For Kitchens.

Another Golden's Syrup
16 x 20

Allsorts Candy
14 x16

Big Beans
16 x 20

Heinz Ketchup
20 x 20

Campbells Soups
18 x 28


Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful. Congratulations. RK

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks so much RK
M :)

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