Saturday, May 6, 2017

Love Letter to Frida - Frida Kahlo by k Madison Moore

Love Letter to Diego - Frida Kahlo

Forever Frida Series

16 x 20 x 2  Frida Kahlo oil painting on canvas

Wired and ready to hang, 2’ deep painted sides, 
no frame needed.
Certificate of Appraisal included

The intimate life of artist Frida Kahlo is wonderfully revealed in the illustrated journal she kept during her last 10 years. This passionate and at times surprising record contains the artist's thoughts, poems, and dreams and many reflecting her stormy relationship with her husband, artist Diego Rivera, along with 70 mesmerizing watercolor illustrations. What a treasure to have. I will cherish it.

After purchasing this book I was of course inspired to paint another of Frida Kahlo.
I love that the book includes her love letters to Diego. Some are loving 
and some are angry. They had such a stressed love affair.
However, in the end they really did love each other.

I thought it would be great to have her writing a “Love Letter to Diego” surrounded 
by the beautiful Sunflowers that he always loved to paint. A special butterfly 
keeps her company as she composes her thoughts to him.

The Book is beautiful
You can Purchase HERE


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