Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Clearly Kandinsky Fine Art Print by k Madison Moore

Clearly Kandinsky

30 x 48 x 2 Kandinsky Inspired Oil Painting on Canvas

Sold - Commission

Prints Available Here

This was a really fun commission. We also made a custom floater
frame for it in black lacquer. Loved this whole project.

Thanks Cheryl and  Jim


I am so blessed. This is what the collector said after she received her painting. Thanks so much for the great photos and commission Cheryl and Jim.

OMG! It is stunning, breathtaking, sublime! The photos did not do it justice (and I LOVED the photos). The colors, composition, detail, it's all beyond perfect. SO MUCH JOY! I will post photos later this week or this weekend. Unbelievable - you are AMAZING! Your talent is intimidating. 

All my adjectives and use of CAPS and exclamation points echo in my mind as hollow compared to what I feel. I want you to know how special this is for me. It's one year since 

Your photos were just fine. No camera can capture the luminosity and three dimensionality. It is truly stunning.

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Anonymous said...

We love this piece Madison, it's like you read my mind! Photos cannot capture how luminous and deep it is. It's transcendent. It has been a joy getting to know you.

- Cheryl

k Madison Moore said...

I am just as happy as you are:) Big Hugs

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