Sunday, June 5, 2016

Art Deco Hats Exhibit by k Madison Moore Art Deco Oil Painting

Art Deco Hats Exhibit

30" x 48" Art Museum Interior Oil Painting on Canvas

Art Museum Collection Series

Sold - Commission

This is the second very large two story Art Museum Interior painting that I 
created for these collectors. I wanted them to be sister paintings so colors are 
similar. The first is more square and this is rectangle so they will look
great hanging together.

The Art Deco period to me was one of the most beautiful era's for art.
The clothes, jewelry, furniture, cars, just all of it had such beautiful design
elements. This is one of my very favorite era's to paint.

Thanks again R & CP

Contact me with your ideas for a special commission painting just for you.

Sister painting
Art Deco Exhibit
36" x 40"

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