Saturday, April 23, 2016

Philippines Mural- Picasso Inspired by k Madison Moore


Romancing Picasso
8' x 10'

Mural at El Cocinero @ La Bella  Tangaytay Philippines

This is my Romancing Picasso in the entrance of a small romantic restaurant in the Philippines.
Not great photos but you get the idea.

Just received another beautiful comment from a collector:

Thank so much Heather
Wow! Madison - this is great  news -the mural is beautiful. Picasso would have been honoured if he was alive.   When are you going to do something like this in London?  Wish you all the best, may this be only the start of what lies ahead for someone with your talent - looking forward to seeing your work all over the globe.  This has made my day, warm regards, God Bless! Heather

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