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Her Passionate Lives - Effie Gray by k Madison Moore

Effie Gray
Her Passionate Lives

Painting with The Masters
Art within At Series
14 x 18 Oil Painting of Interior on Canvas

A painting worth £50,000 has been found behind an old mattress in an attic where it had lain collecting dust for decades. 

The 45-year-old woman owner had been given the art work for her ninth birthday but had kept it in her loft for years and forgot about it until she put her house up for sale.

An eagle-eyed auctioneer who was valuing her belongings spotted the oil painting and was stunned when he realized it was by 19th century artist John Everett Millais.

I just love it when I find stories like this. I automatically have visions of a painting. In reading more of the details of her life 

(below) the composition just fell right in place within minutes. 
Here is the painting of Effie in the attic but on an easel instead of being hidden behind a mattress where it was found after many years.

I created the attic as a special private place where Effie may have gone to be alone and think , maybe read her love letters ( on the ottoman) or write some secrets in her diary (on the chair) or read a favorite book (on the chest). Keeping her company is her little bird friend. 
This is Effie's special place......or her spirit's.

A Special Gift for the Collector
that purchases this painting.

I am including this book by John Ruskin
and John Everette Millais
The Passionate Lives of Effie Gray

Effie: The Passionate Lives of Effie Gray, John Ruskin and John Everett Millais


Effie Gray, a beautiful and intelligent young socialite, rattled the foundations of England’s Victorian age. Married at nineteen to John Ruskin, the leading art critic of the time, she found herself trapped in a loveless, unconsummated union after Ruskin rejected her on their wedding night. 

On a trip to Scotland she met John Everett Millais, Ruskin’s protégé, and fell passionately in love with him. In a daring act, Effie left Ruskin, had their marriage annulled and entered into a long, happy marriage with Millais. 

Suzanne Fagence Cooper has gained exclusive access to Effie’s previously unseen letters and diaries to tell the complete story of this scandalous love triangle. In Cooper’s hands, this passionate love story also becomes an important new look at the work of both Ruskin and Millais with Effie emerging as a key figure in their artistic development. Effie is a heartbreakingly beautiful book about three lives passionately entwined with some of the greatest paintings of the pre-Raphaelite period.

I just received this beautiful email from one of my collectors in the UK and wanted to share it. Thanks so much Heather.

Love this.  Tks for yr beautiful paintings. 

 You have a 'beautiful' mind, beautiful thoughts that you express in yr colourful  paintings - a  'Kaleidoscope' mind.   

You have  been blessed with a marvelous gift.   The carpet is beautiful, can feel the texture. Love the pensive look on the young girl's face on the decorative easel.   If we had bay windows in our  home. we would have gone in for a window seat just  like the one in yr painting.  The room looks so  warm and cosy. The suspended light from the timbered ceiling looks like something my ma-in-law bought from a palace in Palanpur, Western  region of India.    When we had  left India,  we had  left behind some of our stuff in our  company's (Not really our Company -'Coats Viyella') warehouse in Bangalore, amongst which were a couple of  pretty ceiling lights, like the one in yr painting -  they disappeared.   One of these , when in our possession, was suspended ,  over a bar which had wooden beams , to which my pa-in-law had suspended his  miniature collection of  bottles of liquor/liqueur.  It was a beautiful cobalt blue, slightly different in design, that looked like an inverted cup  with a metallic rim and a pretty metal appendage at the bottom , suspended by 4 metal chains to the middle of the bar area.  

Sorry, if I've gone on and on - your painting evoked memories in me.

Best wishes and warm regards from Deepak and self,

God Bless!


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