Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pink - A Licious Pink Nude Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Pink- A - Licious

Sold Commission

Emotions in Color Series

14 x 18 Pink Nude Oil Painting on Canvas

My collector is a perky, happy lovable person that is just in
love with pink, pink, pink and spreading love.
How nice is that!

Check out her website. She is a super lady and sweet as could be.

She saw one of my blue nudes that she just loved but of course
she waned it in pink and with her bright pink nails.
We made a few other adjustments and Cindi was so happy.

This is a good example of repainting a similar painting to one that
is sold.  If you are interested in a painting that is sold contact me
so we can make it your own original.

Thanks for the project Cindi

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