Thursday, April 30, 2015

Panda Man. Custom Cat Portraits. Cats in Clothes paintings by k Madison Moore

Panda Man

Sold Commission

24 x 24 Cat Portrait Oil Painting on Canvas

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Panda was a favorite cats from a family of 12.  He was always out and about playing the part of property manager in keeping other cats and animals away from their home.

They always kidded that he was out in the hood taking care of business and would come home beat up all the time from fights.

The collector loved this composition. Panda passed a couple years ago and now they smile every day when they look at his portrait. What a great way to memorialize your cats.

Your one of a kind portrait will be hand painted with love and imagination. When your portrait is completed you will experience moments of happiness and heartwarming memories whenever you look at it. Something to cherish for a lifetime.

Can you see your cats wearing clothes?


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