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Painting Dora and Picasso on a Paris Afternoon Interior Painting by k Madison Moore

Painting Dora and Picasso on a Paris Afternoon


Painting with The Masters Series

42 x 54Interior Oil Painting on Canvas

Sold - Commission

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I painted a very similar painting to this one last year.
This one is 30 x 40 and bit larger than the first at 24 x 36.
I made several subtle changes to this one to keep each one
an original for the collectors.

I added three cats as this collector is a cat lover.
I also changed many colors as well as the artists hair
being red instead of blonde and her clothes are different
 as well.

I am blessed that my paintings generally sell quickly.
However, many collectors have seen sold paintings that they
would like to have. I offer similar repaints such as this piece.
The good thing about repaints is that you can have any size
you wish and can take away or add any elements that you would 
like to have in your composition.

I always imagined myself having a great studio with huge
windows like this in Paris. What better than to be painting
my impression of Picasso's Dora Marr.

Enter my imagination and visit me
Painting Dora and Picasso on a Paris Afternoon

If you have an idea for a painting or you see one that is sold
that you would like to have, contact me with your ideas.

Dora Maar became the rival of Picasso's blonde mistress, Marie- Therese Walter, who had a newborn daughter with Picasso, named Maya. Picasso often painted beautiful, sad Dora, who suffered because she was  sterile, and called her his "private  muse." For him she was the "woman in tears" in many aspects. During their love affair, she suffered from his moods, and hated that in 1943 he had found a new lover,  Francoise Gilot. 
She made herself better known in the art world with her photographs of the successive stages of the completion of Guernica, which Picasso painted in his workshop on the rue des Grands Augustins, and other photographic portraits of Picasso. Together, she and Picasso studied printing with Man Ray. Maar kept her paintings for herself until her death in 1997. They were souvenirs  of her extraordinary love affair, which made her famous forever. In Paris, still occupied by the Germans, Picasso left to her a drawing from 1915 as a goodbye gift in April 1944; it represents  Max Jacob, his close friend who had just died in the transit camp of  Drancy after his arrest by the Nazis.  He also left to her some still lives and a house at Menerbes in Provence. 


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