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Picasso's Villa Veranda Studio France Interior Painting by k Madison Moore

Picasso's Villa Veranda Studio
France 1961 - 1973


Painting with The Masters Series
Masters Studios Series


14 x 18 Interior Oil painting on Canvas

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This is the second painting from my new Masters Studios Series.
This is such a special series for me because it is evolving my imagination
in so many directions that the ideas are just flowing. 

The best is that I can create any kind of scene that I think the Masters
would like. I am in keeping of places in which they lived and their studios
around the world during their lives for these paintings to add a "little'

This painting from my imagination is of his Veranda Studio that he
could have or should have had at his last place of residence in his 
farm house in Mougins  Southern France from 1961 -1973
until his death.

I can imagine Pablo sitting in his Bentwood wicker Rocking Chair
at the end of a long day of working in this Vernada studio enjoying
some grapes and a glass of wine in a cozy pair of slippers.

Many of his paintings include chairs similar to his personal 
rocker that you see in so many of his studio paintings.
I thought the chair was a nice touch for this piece.

The paintings  that he was working on here are

Seated Woman 1927
Buste de Femme 1928
Jacqueline with Flowers 1939
Marie-Thérèse avec une guirlande, 1937
Courtesan woman with Necklace of Gems  1901

It was a lot of work creating the pebble stone and brick floor.
I wish all the little details would display better in a photo
because this is full of details which can certainly be more 
appreciated in hand. 

The flow of the vines on the old stone
wall against the tall arched windows just seems so fit for Picasso.
Many of his homes and studios had arches so he must have been fond
of them. I would love to have a room like this with tall windows, a dream!

The details are incredible and time consuming in this series but are so satisfying.
With this series we will travel to different countries and to imaginary spaces
The Masters. So fun!

This is also a nice size at 14 x 18. However if you would like a larger size just
email me for info.

Picasso's Villa Veranda Studio France

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