Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Mens Club - Linder Painting of Interior by k Madison Moore inspired by Richard Linder

Mens Club - Linder
Inspired by Richard Linder

Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series

16 x 20 Interior Oil Painting on Canvas

On it's way to Canada
Thanks MS

Once in awhile I like to paint geared more for my male collectors and fans.
However, if your a Linder fan this could be great for either male or female.
I love his crazy figures, especially of woman and their little bit of sexuality exposed.
Of course I always change things to make them mine but basically the same concept.

Richard Linder worked as an illustrator  for Vogue and Harpers Bazaar Magazines.
He started painting seriously in the year 1952. He held his first one man show in
1954. His style blends a mechanistic  cubism with personal images of robot like
figues, amazons and heroine's, harlequinades of self styled heroes - his artistic
panorama of the unruly 60's and 70's of the both century.

His favorite subject was very bazaar woman. Corsets and straps, emphasize
their sexual qualities. He had not hatred of woman and said he felt sorry for them.
"When I dress women in these corsets and contraptions in my painting, it's kind
of a way I see them wrapping themselves up."

His paintings used sexual symbolism of advertising and investigated definitions
of gender roles in the media.
Mens Club - Linder

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