Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lanvin Black and White Fashion Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Black and White
©kMadisonMooreFineArt Inc. 2014

14 x 18 Jeanne Lanvin Fashion 
Oil Painting on Canvas

On it's way to Denmark

Being in the fashion industry when I was younger still lingers.
I designed many gowns for fashion show models and loved it
but I  loved painting more. This is my way of still being involved.
to now honor the great designers in the industry.
Jeanne Lavin was a wonderful prolific artist.

Jeanne Lanvin was born in Paris on 1 January 1867, the daughter of Constantin Lanvin and Sophie White. The eldest of 11 children, she became an apprentice  milliner at Madame Félix in Paris at the age of 16 and trained at dressmaker  Talbot  before becoming a milliner on the rue du Faubourg Saiint-Honore  in 1889.

In 1909, Lanvin joined the  Syndicat de la Couture , which marked her formal status as a couturier.  The clothing Lanvin made for her daughter began to attract the attention of a number of wealthy people who requested copies for their own children. Soon, Lanvin was making dresses for their mothers, and some of the most famous names in Europe were included in the clientele of her new  boutique on the  rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore.
Designs by Mme Lanvin in “La Gazette du Bon Ton”   1922
From 1923, the Lanvin empire included a dye factory in  Nanterre. In the 1920s, Lanvin opened shops devoted to home décor, menswear, furs and lingerie.

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