Friday, January 24, 2014

Evolution - Contemporary Nude Oil Painting by k Madison Moore


Emotions in Color Series
11 x 14  Nude Oil Painting on Canvas


“We are always evolving into new, better versions of ourselves.
The comforting news is that we are never finished.
The idea of being unfinished is nice, for it always leaves room for improvement.
For trying new things, for developing new hobbies and making new friends.
Being unfinished means we can cry today, and next week  or next year we won’t cry for the same thing,
because we are moving, evolving. Becoming better versions of ourselves.”
Rachel Dowda

We are always evolving, for that is our nature, the way of all things. And while we may not realize it, we live, speak and listen from a perceptual vantage point that is unstable: our breath, sensory awareness, gut feelings, level of attention and thoughts—all that constitutes our present experience and internal landscape—are shifting and flowing.

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