Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Twisted Secrets Museum Interior Oil Painting by k Madison Moore Pennsylvania Artist

Twisted Secrets
Inspired by Pablo Picasso


Art Museum Collection Series
14 x 18 Museum Interior Oil Painting on Canvas

In this painting I wanted to portray not only the beautiful work of Picasso but a bit of his state of mind. You will notice that the walls are a bit twisted as well as the frames , just slightly, but twisted. These are also a few of my very favorite of his paintings.

I have worked with Picasso so much being one of my favorite artists, that I always notice how he twists his figures and other elements in his paintings. It seems he needs to show more
than one angle with one single figure. You have had to notice the misplacement of eyes, noses, breasts projecting more than one angle. etc. in many and most of his works. Seeing the same face in many angles at one time and executing that idea, wow!

Although we all know how wonderfully talented he was and the incredible amount of work he produced in his lifetime, do we ever think of how he accomplished all of that and why? To me it is a sate of mind. The mind of a genus that is twisted in many ways. Did he have many twisted secrets that he had to portray in paint? What was his inner most secret, one that he could not verbalize so had to be projected otherwise, in paint, for his own sanity? Only he really knew the true meaning to all of those twisted figures. 

If you look at the works of van Gogh they will have and entirely different affect on you than Picasso's works. You do not really see the insanity that was present but the mellow, softness, serenity and beauty of where he was within. Yet, most look at Picasso in an entirely different manner and as totally sane but was he? 

I find it interesting that so many artists are tortured in some way and yet paint such beautiful works. Many that portray who they really are deep down inside and not so much what 
you see on the cover. You can tell a lot by studying the works of the masters, any artists really!  I look at the work and wonder what they were thinking and feeling at the first stroke of that painting. I can look at it again and again and see something different each time. That is the wonder of art!

Here is  book that I found. I have not read it yet but it has great reviews. I just ordered it so I will let you now but it looks really interesting - Tortured Artists - From Picasso and Monroe to Warhol and Winehouse, the Twisted Secrets of the Worlds Most Creative Minds.

I guess what  it comes down to is, that God may take something away from us but certainly something else wonderful will replace it.


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