Saturday, June 29, 2013

Painting Inspired by Vogue Magazine A Summer Stroll by k Madison Moore

A Summer Stroll 
Inspired by Vogue Magazine


Vintage Inspirations Series
11 x 14 Vogue Inspired Painting on Canvas

I have been thinking about this series and doing a lot of  research for
it for a couple of years. Finally now, I have several designs ready to

In my younger days I was infatuated with fashion and design. 
I was highly influenced by Vogue and especially the Art Deco Era.

I was involved in the modeling industry and decided that I wanted to 
design the clothes instead of showing them.  I followed that vision
for many years until I went back to study art with my mentors.

So, this series is kind of dedicated to my love of fashion, Art Deco,
Illustrations inspired by Vogue, Vanity Fair, Theatre and many
more publications. Those were the days of incredible detail, femininity,
elegance and magnificence!

A Summer Stroll

In 1892 Arthur Turnure founded Vogue as a weekly publication in the United States, sponsored by Kristoffer Wright. When he died in 1909, Cond√© Montrose Nast picked up the magazine and slowly grew its publication. Hechanged it to a bi-weekly magazine and also started Vogue overseas starting in the 1910s. He first went to Britain in 1916, and started a Vogue there, then to Spain, and then to Italy and France 1920, where it was a  huge success. The magazine's number of publications and profit increased dramatically under his management. The magazine's number of subscriptions surged during the Depression, and again during World War II. During this time, noted critic and former Vanity Fair editor Frank Crowininshield served as its editor, having been moved over from Vanity Fair by publisher Conde Nast.

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