Friday, January 11, 2013

Lichtenstein Inspired Interior Painting Still Life by kMadison Moore

Roy's Place
Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein
11 x 14 Interior Oil Painting
Painting with The Masters - Art within Art Series


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I love being inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. I don't know if I could 
do all the dots and lines he did in most of his paintings all the time
though. It would drive me mad. I do like that he always used
  primary and brilliant colors.

The wall paintings are my impression of two of his most famous
Cartoons. The statue of the woman was in one of his paintings. I thought
it would be great to display it as a sculpture piece in the composition.
I must say that the most fun I had with this was doing a clip from 5
of his paintings for the sofa pillows. I could see me in this room,
but more so Roy himself. This "is" Roy's Place!

"Art doesn't transform. It just plain forms."
– Roy Lichtenstein

A groundbreaking American pop artist, Roy Fox Lichtenstein was born October 27, 1923, in Manhattan.

His best-known image from this period is Whaam!, which Lichtenstein produced in 1963, using a comic book panel from a 1962 issue of DC Comics' All-American Men of War, as his inspiration. Later works included Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

"When I have used cartoon images, I've used them ironically," he once explained. "To raise the question: Why would anyone want to do this with modern painting?"

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MOMA Roy Lichtenstein

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