Saturday, October 20, 2012

Silent Auction Painting Inspired by Peter Max by k Madison Moore

Silent Auction
Inspired by Peter Max

14 x 18 Oil Painting on Canvas

Painting with The Masters
Art within Art Series


WOW...this one was really intense! This is the first time I have 
painted 10 people in one painting! You can only imagine how long
this one took me to paint!

I couldn't sleep one night and was lying there thinking about
an auction for Peter Max with just women as the audience.
Then it came to me to paint all the ladies in Big Hats. I actually
had this composition in my head in a few minutes. The next morning
I started the sketches and by that night I had the entire design. 
I couldn't wait to paint it and for some reason didn't realize that it
was going to be so involved. It was so worth the time. I really love
the way it turned out. I wish you could see all the great details but
it's so hard with a photo on the net.

I think the best part of working on this one is the perspective
and of course painting with Peter Max is surely never
boring. Love him!

I never knew what a silent auction was until one of my collectors
told me. lol. Thought it would be a good title for this painting.
Thanks Judge Angell :)
Enjoy Silent Auction

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