Saturday, October 6, 2012

Emotional, Blue Nude Painting by k Madison Moore

Passion in Blue

Emotions in Blue Series

14 x 14  Blue Nude Oil painting on Canvas

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I thought I would try a 14 x 14 canvas for this new
blue nude. I really like to way it worked out.
It is always fun to hear what my blue nude fans
and collectors have to say about each new blue nude
that I paint. Thanks so much for your emails and support.

I don't say much about them, I let the tiles tell the story.

1. Take action, any action.  - Don't put pressure on yourself. Instead, pursue interests. (I'm sure you have many of those!) There's nothing at stake because it's just an interest or a hobby, something you're doing for fun. However, by taking action (rather than sitting around waiting for your dreams to come true) you are setting universal energy in motion that will assist you on your journey.

2. Patiently detach from the outcome. - Don't worry about whether or not this activity, or that one, will be “your passion.” Have fun, have faith, and let the Universe do the rest.

3. Have the confidence to recognize -- and pursue -- your passion when you discover it. - When you finally discover that one thing you love above all else, the thing you'd do for free if no one was willing to pay you, embrace it. Sometimes, pursuing your passion means taking chances. It could mean leaving a dead-end job, getting up early rather than sleeping in so you can pursue your goals, or making other sacrifices of time or money. Have the confidence that it will work out. And, if it doesn't, your free to take some other path toward your passion. Once you've gained that momentum, follow the chi -- it will guide you properly every step of the way.


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