Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Moonlight in Blue, Nude Painting by k Madison Moore

Moonlight in Blue

Emotions in Blue Series

11 x 14 Blue Nude Oil Painting


I finally started an new coffee table book for this
"Emotions in Blue Series." I have been wanting to
do this for awhile but I only want to use my personal
favorites so I have to paint several more. 

This was such a great dramatic pose but it was
 so hard getting the lighting correct on the model for this
photo. I took the photos several years ago and
 just came across them so I will be continuing this series
for awhile. The book will be ready before the holidays. 
Original Art Coffee Table Books make great gifts for
someone special.

Contact Me if you need other sizes and for
info for commissions.

The intensity of Moonlight varies greatly depending on the lunar cycle but even the full moon typically provides only about 0.2 luxilluminationWhen the moon is viewed at high altitude at tropical latitudes, the illuminance can reach 1 lux. The full moon is about 500,000 times fainter than the Sun.
The color of moonlightparticularly near full moon, appears bluish to the human eye compared to most artificial light sources. This is because of the Purkinje effect - the light is not actually tinted blue, and although moonlight is often referred to as "silvery" it has no inherent silvery quality. The Moon's albedo is 0.136, meaning only 13.6% of sunlight incident on the Moon is reflected.


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