Wednesday, September 26, 2012

After The Ball, Interiors Painting Inspired by Pableo Picasso

After The Ball - The Paris Ritz

16 x 20

Interior Oil Painting Inspired by Pablo Picasso

Painting  with The Masters 
 Art within Art Series

 Sold - Commission
Another painting on the way to Australia
This is a very special painting for two very special
collectors who live in Australia.  Last night's post,

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With some input from the collectors:  they went to a
ball at the Ritz Hotel in Paris France last year for New
Years Eve. It was requested that all guests wear a mask.
They sent me photos of the masks which you can see
on the coffee table. They wanted an interior of them
at "After The Ball"enjoying a bottle of Champagne.
 They requested the Eiffel Tower to reflect that they 
 were in Paris.

The background paintings are Lovers by Picasso
and The Kiss by Picasso which were perfect for this
composition. I couldn't resist and had to paint little
masks on the lovers, hard to see in the photo.

The champagne bottle says The Ritz Paris on the
label and they love it! Just sooo much fun to work
with the collectors and design something for them
that has so much meaning. Here's what they said:

"Well really don’t know what else to say. 
Words are just mere words and cant possibly convey
 how happy we are with the paintings. Absolutely brilliant.

So, many many many thanks from us both for
 such an amazing job on both paintings and we cant
 wait to have them hanging in our house."
Thanks so much Chris and Sandra
Contact me Here to design a painting just for you.
The holidays are coming. Think about a unique
painting for someone special, maybe with your own
special theme.

The paintings arrived safely to Australia, yay!
I just received this beautiful email from my 
collectors and had to brag a little.
Thanks Chris and Sandra

We just wanted to let you know the paintings arrived late last Friday. Sorry it has taken a few days to let you know yet we were literally walking out the door for a few days as they arrived.

The paintings are beautiful, amazing, wonderful, fantastic, brilliant, outstanding, astounding and any other word in the thesaurus that describes astonishing pieces of work.

The colours in parts are more vivid than we expected, such as the gold for the Eiffel Tower never looked as bright in the photos, yet the wall colour on the Monet is more pale and washed out than the photos.

We have had plenty of time to study them now and they are truly wonderful, so a big big big thanks from us both.

Our only problem is now to decide where to hang them: where we will see them constantly, or where we can see them yet more show them off. Hard decisions will be required.

Once again, thanks so much and you will indeed hear from us again.

Chris & Sandra


There are many painters, good painters that did a lot for the art world. What made Picasso famous i think is the fact that his work was different. He was basically responsible for a lot of the movements that came after. He influenced people like Duchamp and other Avant Gard artists. Keep in mind he perfected cubism and created the collage technique...which eventually lead to abstract art... things we look at now as ordinary were things he did first. Picasso influenced minimalism also. For the time, his work was revolutionary because not many people were painting like him, well a group of his friends did, but he was just the most famous of them all... it was not the norm at the time. If you think about his work was controversal. Anything in art that is controversal is tended to evolve and become famous later. Look back at history, its just the way life and art works.
He started out creating the realistic art that you may be more apt to consider 'real art'. Essentially, he mastered it, and then created something entirely new.


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