Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Through The Eyes of Children, Mural Inpired by Joan Miro by k Madison Moore

Through The Eyes of Children

 Art within Art Series

4' x 9' Oil Painting on Canvas - Mural

Sold - Commission

This is the project I worked on for a collector in Brazil. 
He is moving into a new high riser and has elevators
that come into his apartment. Right off the elevators he has 
a  4' x 9' wall that he commissioned me to paint this mural
for. I painted it on canvas and rolled it to a tube to be shipped.

It took me about 4 weeks from designing to completion.
He also ordered 5 more Art within Art Paintings that I will
be posting. This was a fun project but very tiring. 

He has three small children that he wanted in the painting.
They are a little smaller than I wanted to make them.
You know when you were a child how everything looked 
sooooo....Big!  Imagine these tiny ones and how huge
these museum paintings would look to them.
Hence the title: "Though The Eyes of Children"

I was so
happy in the way it turned out. Here is what the 
collector had to say:

Dear Madison!!!!
                Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

So much color!.  So vibrant!!! Everything matches!!!
I did not think it would be so clear and detailed.
The kids look exactly exactly like them!!!!!  Its amazing!!!! 
Even my little one’s round head!

You really have have talent!    Its perfect!  I can’t wait to
 put it in place.
I just showed my wife.. and her jaws dropped.
Looking forward to seeing the other 5 commission paintings.

JL - Brazil

Thanks so much Joe and Lily.
Also, thanks to Don Gray for his advise.

Contact Me with your commission ideas

Studying Miro
9 x 12

This large mural was inspired by this very small Museum
Painting that was inspired by Miro.

You can see how one idea can easily be turned in to another but
yet with still using the same theme. The collectors chose thier
own Miro's for the wall and I used a photo of their children
and the viewers.


Leif Alire said...

Great painting is all I can think of to write, I like it a lot.

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks very much. Appreciate your comment :)

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