Monday, November 15, 2010

Law and Justice, "Still Life," by k Madison Moore

Law and Justice

6 x6 inches, Oil on Canvas

I am so proud to say that a Federal Judge Purchased this piece for her chambers.
Thank you MFA

Still Life Series


Mary said...

I feel like I could pick up the gavel. So realistic!

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks, a Feral Court Judge collected all three of these. I wish I had time to continue this series.
I always say if I wasn't an artist I would have been and attorney!

k Madison Moore said...

OK MEANT FEDERAL!!! GEEZ! My tying is still terrible!

Jesse Brown said...

This work is great, I can see why that person wanted to buy it for their chambers.

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks Jessie,
I almost didn't sell it as I liked it so much and wanted to keep it for my collection.


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