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Custom Cat Portraits, Memorialize your Cat, Animal Pet portraits by k Madison Moore Maxwell Blue

Maxwell Blue Memorial Portrait

Maxwell Blue

Traditional Cat Portraits 
(and Cats in Clothes Portraits)

Memorial Painting

This is the one and only cat love of my life. I had him for 17 years and had a very special relationship with him. I have had many cats in my life and loved every one of them but Maxwell was special for sue.
 We had a different connection that any other. I had hi mom so when he was born he was in my hands immediately and from that moment on he was with me for the rest of his life.

Maxwell passed away in October 2014. I cried for two months until my vet gave me another Russian Blue who started to heal my heart. I will always love Maxwell Blue and wanted to memorialize him so I could
 see his beautiful curvy face every day sitting on his favorite tapestry ottoman.

Do you have a special pet that you would like to memorialize? Contact me with your info and photos and I will paint a very special portrait for you of your loving pet. Pet Portraits also make great gifts.

Your one of a kind portrait is being hand painted with love and imagination. When your portrait is  completed you will experience moments of happiness and heartwarming memories whenever you look at it.
Would you like to memorialize your cat?  ( or dog) There is nothing nicer than to have a professional portrait of your beloved pet to memorialize him or her. Something to cherish for a lifetime.
All portraits are painted in the finest oil paints and on 1" deep archival canvas panels. The sides are painted and it is ready to hang. No frame is necessary. Deep panels are available upon request

Custom Sizes Available Upon Request
Prices may vary depending on details or additional faces

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