Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mr Peepers Cats in Clothes Paintings by k Madison Moore

Mr Peepers
© k. Madison Moore

Robinson J. Peepers is Jefferson City's junior high school science teacher. 
He is a bit of a nurd but loved by his students.

Cats in Cloths Paintings Series

6 x 8 Cat Oil Painting on Canvas

Sold - Thank you Amy :)

Cats in Clothes Blog

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I have been working on this idea for years but never had the time to execute it with all the other series I have been working on. I am very excited and have been painting this series for the last few months and now it's ready to go!

This is so much fun. I can mix my love for cats with my love for fashion all in one series. What could be cuter than Cats wearing clothes? I am sure every cat lover out there will agree with me.

Can you see your cat wearing clothes? Something that meets his or her personalities, A Queen, a King, Cook, a Golfer or Teacher, anything that meets your fancy. Maybe you have a family of cats and would like to have a family portrait. Imagine them all dressed in clothes! How fun! Couples are cute too! 

Would you like to memorialize your cat? Nothing nicer than than to have a professional portrait of your beloved pet to memorialize him or her. Something to cherish for a lifetime.

Cats in Clothes Paintings are also great gift ideas! Makes a cherished and unique gift for the pet lover in your life.

Commission projects are welcome in any size and theme you wish.

Please feel free to contact me with your ideas.

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