Friday, April 6, 2012

Jesus Christ Oil Painting by k Madison Moore

Jesus Christ

8 x 10 Oil Painting on Canvas

Happy Easter 


padmaja said...

The best I have ever seen. congrats on such a lovely job..

Anonymous said...

That is the picture of Jesus in my mind, excellent.

Anonymous said...

My only reservation is your choice of blue eyes. Because of the culture that He was born into, perhpas brown would have been a better choice.
That said, it is still a wonderful rendition. One of the best I have seen

k Madison Moore said...

Thanks you so much Padmaja. Love that you visit :)

k Madison Moore said...

Yes, this is how I see him in my mind also :)

k Madison Moore said...

There is a painting in India on a rock referred to him as the chosen one. This painting portrays Jesus with blonde hair and blue eyes. However, in my minds eye, I see him with blue eyes so is why I painted him this way. I think the way we each see him is right for each of us and not the way he is "supposed" to be seen according to culture. How do we really know anyway!
Thanks for the comment. :)

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